Sunday, February 15, 2009

been valentine's

Valentine’s day just have u guys been? I'm doin great I guess...maybe it can consider the best valentines so far..haha..coz all my boxes have been ticked

I know, people always wat flowers or wat la..waste money only...then too bad u shouldnt continue reading this...actually wat I'm trying to say is although I am not a big fan of roses (esp red one, I prefer white one) but I still think valentine day is a day shud celebrate. How u wanna celebrate its ur business la, diff ppl have diff requirement rite, but dont bull shit saying tat...aiya..every day also can be valentine’s day...watever la..I felt tat ppl saying allthese are not responsible of being a bf, or maybe a gf...only if ur gf seroiusly tell u...NEVER MIND..than maybe congrats u loh...but I am not...and I dont think my bf are so sad bout getting a gf like me..hahahahah...rite dear :p

Actually what I want, is really not much wat, a card is a course! and tat's all...if a nice meal will be good, but dont have also nvm wat, just like wat we had this year...HELLO...just Maggie cup noodle...hahah...seriously I dont mind at all...wat do u wan when u r in a kampung which is so hard to find a restaurant...of course la, cause I'm a perfectionist, if got a good meal then will be perfect..but spending time together and makan cup noodle its not bad at all :p

me and my bf went to Sungkai - Felda residence for the hot spring. Before that, we went to 1utama to take sticker photos. We did something that we did for the 1st time and also the last time. I really pui fuk those ppl that can hold the flowers like the paegent and walk around the shopping centre, seriously I cant loh. BUT I really wan to bring the flower down n to take pics. Although this is not my first time getting flowers, but consider the 1st time that I really don’t need to hint him or wat and I got it..which is what I expect for valentines. Last time I didn’t get to take the sticker photos with my flowers, so this time I wanted to.

Well, both of us are really not those type that like to attract attention, so we park upstair the roof there (old wing) cause it’s the nearest to the sticker photoshop. I thought it will be bunch of ppl doing the same thing like holding the flowers and walk around. But I didn’t see many ppl doing that, walao ehhhh…scary…tat’s y I asked my bf to hold the flowers, HAHAHAHAH…and I don’t even dare to face up man, I keep on pretend that I very busy like that, keep on like searching stuff from my handbag (so that I can keep on facing down :p) pai seh, be my bf is like tat…kesian..haha

So I think couple T is definitely a no no for us, cause from the parking till the shop, not even 5 minutes, we also cannot tahan, how to walk whole day. But when we leaving, we saw more ppl are like tat d la (SEE...I know sure got ppl like that wan) still..I gotta pretend that I very bz like that..haha

Ok, 1utama ‘trip’ done. So we headed to Sungkai, which actually not that hard to reach there la. But when we reached, we got the flower problem again, haha…cause we don’t wanna take the flower and passby the lobby. So we search for a road that don’t need to see so many ppl wan. At this moment I was thinking, should I still expect flowers for the next valentines…but of course I do! Which gal does not wan ppl to send her flower leh. Back to the story…yea we managed to get the flower into our room without too much ppl notice it.

It’s around 3 something when we reached there. We wander around and see what we can do, then we went back to the room and get change for the hot spring and the cold pool. Its really a nice place to relax la, although at first those hot spring really hot la, but then slowly will get use to it. My favorite is the hot spring, its damn hot at 1st, but when slowly u r getting urself more into it, and u will love it…but of course not too long, if not u will faint I think.

someone so dumb go and put his hand and try the temp T_T

this is the pool with not heated water...quite fun also...but the slide I dont reckon for taller ppl because the pool is not deep at all, when u slide down from the slide, if u didnt have the right position, u might get hurt by friction with the pool's floor.

see how fast the egg can boil in how long, u know how hot is the water d

macam lc jer, cause can walk on this...

I mean this...who wanna challenge me? :p

walk back also woh, haha

At night, I can say that this is the 1st holiday we almost cant get dinner. Can u imagine u cant get food in Malaysia at night? But we cant expect too much also la, Firstly Felda residence is located in a Kampung, you need to drive out like 9km like that only started to see some proper food stalls and shops, all petrol station. 2ndly, they only launched like…since November? So its not even half year yet, but I don’t like their working style. I mean, during noon we checked their cafeteria operating hours are from 8am-10pm. So we thought we can have our dinner there at night, but around 8.15pm we went to the cafeteria, left the beverages stall is still open, others closed…wtf…serious shit…even wanna eat cup noodles also cannot d, we totally didn’t expect that. SO if any of u guys wanted to go Sungkai this Felda residence, don’t wait for dinner time, better buy some foods first before the stalls are close.

So, we gotta go out loh. We thought some Chinese restaurant might be open geh, but all closed…really all closed, only some Malay stalls are open. Not say that I don’t like to eat malay food or I racist, but I’m with my short pant and favorite typeo f shirt (showing off shoulders wan), so I think at this kind of place which I think seldom got ppl wear so, its better not to be so ‘ziong yong’ loh. So we just went to petronas and get some cup noodles. SEE…save 10X compare we eat out during valentines day…usually a valentines meal will be around at least RM100…tat day we bought 2 chips, 4 cup noodles, its only like RM 10something…hahaha…tell me ur story la if u got cheaper than that :p

** When we were on the way back, I was thinking will there be a song that suites my mood, then suddenly my favorite song at the moment - LUCKY (by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caliat) appeared!! soooooooooo happy and soooo in the mood! wuahaha

Nothing much loh, its just a relaxing also adventure type of valentines for this year…quite a different wan…how bout u guys? Hope u guys did enjoy ur valentines day…those who are single…valentines day is just another day only ma rite, don’t go out can d..haha..I also been through those days before..I understand…

So what’s celebration next ah? OH YAAAAAA….9 more days then will be my big day…really big..cause getting older T_T. Still planning where should I celebrate cause redbox too expensive..Any suggestions?


yeah said...

waa..nearly clevage attacks!! :)

vOon said...

walao eh, I also didnt small also can see...cant even compare to others la...but is bikini anyway..hahaha