Sunday, February 01, 2009

gals with moris part 2

as I promised, I will show u the pics of the gals with the car (no matter which wan u wanna see la) asap rite...I never break promise wan, are the pics...enjoy :p

are u ready for the sexiest pose u ever see by posing with the car?!?!?!





sexy kan...hahaha :p

ok la...gals turn

the background nice kan...tats why I show..haha

ini la..the gal with the car

just for fun..haha

the background of these 2 pics really nice loh

my fav pic of the bunch

this pic looks weird kan..haha

I think I look better when cant see my face..haha

ini like dunno how to pose

then ini like poser..hahaha

hope u guys enjoy just now...WAIT FOR US! next shoot will be almost the same thing..BUT WITH CHEONG SAM...if interested MUST stay tune...if not..then u might be interested to watch the video I'm gonna post soon...cotton rainbow very 1st punya video...its quite raw but I can guarantee u its funny! better dun watch in office..hahahaha


乌鸦 said...

lolz. where is it huh?? the background is so niiiiiceee... :D

vOon said...

nice rite!! I love it so much as well, its at the golf club, but I dont know which wan punya, hahaha.I get back to u after I asked my fren.

乌鸦 said...

lolz, it's okay. im a road sick. even if u tell me i wont know where. :D oh hey, by the way, no worries, ur not so bulat actually.

just a little bulat only. hahahaha.

vOon said...

yorrrr...suen jor la..I know I very cham...fat + PMS = super bulat...hahaha