Thursday, February 26, 2009

birthday celebration no.3 & 5

Well, I will post 2 birthday celebrations in this post since its not that long also.

I quite often struggle to have family dinner, its not that I don’t love my family or what. Of course I do, since after I studied in Australia, family been the most important position in my life, from 2nd move to 1st ok! Well, that’s not my point. Why do I struggle its because, we all quite often argue (although the next day we are ok d) but still, I don’t really like that kind of feeling, back to that day.

Supposingly, I wanted to eat Chilis, cause I just don’t know why I wanna have western food during birthday. dad’s style sure is…ask us wat we wanna eat, but end up mostly we will eat what he wanna eat…no prob..cause he is the man in the house. Same to that day, I went back home around 7, started talking where we should eat since we waiting for my bro back from his football session. I said I wanna eat Chilis, then my dad said let’s eat ‘Esquire Kitchen’(大人餐厅).Well, I mean, anything..but not that can ah. He wanna eat there just because he wanna pick up the car which my mom has forgot to pick up, BUT the thing is he already called that person to fetch it back to us, then he complained they taking too long, so he don’t really wanna wait, but then he also wanna wait for my bro back from outside then go makan…well I don’t wanna write more on this. As long his point is, he wanna eat nearby there, so he can get the car or something.

Seriously, I really beh tahan, I mean I don’t mind eating Japanese food (which he suggested later), but why cant we make a move 1st? why we gotta wait for me bro…after he come back he sure wan to take shower 1st..this and tat, and is not that he totally don’t know the road to be there, we all were hungry and waited for more than an hour d..we can just order food for him 1st while waiting for him…so I beh tahan d..I just said u guys just go ahead, I will gao dim the dinner myself…then he also yelled and said…go la, now go eat ur chilis. Walao eh, what my point on that day is just…cause I don’t want to force them to eat something they don’t like, or my mom cant eat due to she got sore throat, I mai just gao dim myself la, I don’t see any prob, I also know they might really wanna have dinner with me, but we can just have it next time…so because of allthese ‘as usual’ argument…end up we went to the ship.

I’m not sure whether they are the same with me, but…since this is the way to go, I wont wanna make the environment so cold…so the dinner end up not bad la…maybe it’s the food is damn nice..haha..or we all get used to it d..but seriously, I don’t like to use ‘get use to it’..cause the feeling really not good wan u know, especially when its near whatsoever celebration or wat…ok la…pictures time

recently addicted to lime/lemon juice

my fav - escargot! long time didnt eat d :p

with daddy

with mummy

so small loh her head...should say she's so petite..make me look so fat T_T..haha

this garlic sauce really damnnnnnnn nice!!

Then…its not the same day la…my primary skool fren celebrated my birthday for me…ok..slowly I can feel my birthday really ended d…haha…but I really appreciate la they spent time to celebrate my birthday cause weekdays really quite hard to come out sometimes..thanks guys and gals whoever that celebrate my birthday for me :D

got birthday cake and candle somemore..haha

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