Sunday, February 22, 2009

birthday celebration no.1 - 你是我的NO.1

hahaha...omg..I think I really so hardcore of my company related wan of coz :p

I was thinking which wan I wanna post first, cause today (22.2.2009) my bf gave me a surprise!! with my frens (ml n yen they all) of coz...which I am really touched la, cause to give me a surprise need alot of effort due to I am too smart...hahahahahahaah...I mean I can reads ppl mind n body language loh :p but then..another event happened first I guess I wanna put wat happened first loh rite

I really wanna thanks to my lovely them soooo bei min...yup, I worked in this company just 1 month, but I feel so close d with allthese colleagues, cause they are such a nice ppl which I wont forget in my kua jiong abit d..haha...

We planned to go Kim Gary I spent them eat dinner for celebrating with me la, then after that we went for 'Love Matters' premier...nothing much to say about actually..just a really very enjoying day...but kesian poh chee cause our tickets were with her but she forgot to bring so she gotta turn bk to 1u and take those tickets...its a long day for her...hopefully she's been better after the comedy :p

pictures time!!

me, intern - Lil Jun and Poh Chee

Kiyoko!!! our relationship its very story..last time when I looking for job, my bf's dad intro me this gal which is acutally Kiyoko, she gave me the official website to search for the job. After I went intierview all those, I also forgot about this d. I knew Kiyoko is because of another of my colleague, then now so close with her, only know actually she's the one who intro me,my bf's dad's student...which is my lovely colleague now..tat day so bei min...wear nice nice to attend :p

First ever 4 cakes birthday cute...thanks guysss

gals photossss...also the gang lunch together

group photo is a must loh! let me introduce my lovely colleagues (from below left - rite)
(1st row)Kiyoko,me,Lil Jun
(2nd row) Poh Chee, Tiffany, Connie, Justine
(3rd row) Michael, Din, Yaw

makan cake

Yea I know, same angle rite...the guys said sien, I also sien..

so I give u this ugly pig face :p

mmg uglynya!

with the guys

They both look like same age rite

but actually Yaw is 28 this yr

n Michael is 24 this yr

oopssy..forgot to take with Din, but he was makan-ing tat time..better dun kacao lu

Yeap, we went for movie, still not enuff...few of us went to minum...but I minum Ice Lemon Tea with Lil Jun, haha

Then they have this photo session going on...soh lou pose like soh lou..haha

This is my 1st celebration only...I think this year I'm really happy cause there's already 2 birthdays celebrated...really thanks to all my loveliessss...u all really my no.1! hahaha

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