Tuesday, February 10, 2009

everybody love shoes

I guess everyone in the world know that ladies love to buy shoes...last time in our class my fren also did a doco about it..which is really very...ridiculous la...cause kinda too much..300 pairs of shoes man..tats so scary...for me...I think most important is to match with my wardrobe...BUT rite..not only ladies are so, guys also loves shoes, SPORT SHOES..just admit..of course not all but not little also..just like gals la...

anyway..if u been following my blog for some time, u should know that I mmg not good in wearing shoes with no heels or flip flop, I will be like so slumber, like very kasar like that. Maybe its because since kinda young (around 15? or younger), I've been wearing heels since then...I can even run in heels, hahahaha. I felt that high heels really does help in alot of way...wanna know what...continue read it then...maybe u will find out something that u never know! :p

Firstly, this was proven by alot of woman. I remember once there was this woman came to LUCT for a speech, she wore high heels, she said it does helps to make ur butt tighter. For me I felt that other than that, it does make ur tights smaller too. I remember last time my tights kinda big, but now it is not, even my frens said so.

Then, everyone been asking me, how can my leg looks so long n nice while I wearing short skirt. Frankly speaking, I never admit that I have a nice long legs cause I dont have. I am only 162cm, how can I have a long legs? Ok, not shorty wont have nice long legs but me k. So my secret is actually high heels...dont belive, let me prove u something. I've been explain this to alot of guys but they dont believe, so now...guys..see properly

Firstly, I show u the height of the heels

obviously the first one in red are totally flat, 2nd wan with a little bit of heels which is the blue wan...then the red n orange wan are almost the same height (can consider the same)

this is the biggest contrast I can show u, total flat with the highest heels..

I think its quite obvious rite, the left wan looks fatter n the rite wan looks thinner..tell me if u dont agree with me

then this is with the slightly highest heel n highest heel.

difference is not so big since its not total flat, but still can see the slightly diff

this wan cant see..cause its the same height...

THIS...is the magic of high heels...hahaha..if not why alot of fashion consultant or magazines or watsoever will suggest that pls wear high heels if u r not tat tall or skinny and u wanna wear jeans...just imagine...no matter wat type la, a gal wearing jeans with heels looks better a gal wearing jeans with flip flops rite? no offence to ppl who wear jeans with flip flop thou..haha..its just my point of view...imagine d? tell me which wan u prefer then :p


乌鸦 said...

not bad not bad. i need to get myself a pair of high heels too then. lolz. say say only

vOon said...

hahahhah...u shud man! or I should invent damn cool punya high heels shoes for guys :p

yann said...

wuahahhaha... coz u love taller guy~ i know what's ur intention.. wuahhaha~

vOon said...

walaooo...hahahaha...I like natural tall...if I know he wear cool high heels shoes...oh...now I know I cannot invent tat d...haha