Sunday, May 24, 2009

once you try you will like

No worries, this will be a short post...suddenly got feel wanna post up this post to share these foods...

Recently I've been eating the same stuff at the same place over and over again...maybe its because no money d la...need to me (someone very kiam siap) wont really spend money on trying new food

thanks to my parents, they lazy to cook so they come look for me after I finish work and we went for dinner...

At first we have no idea at all where shall we eat, what I suggested are those same old places that I have tried their food...then my dad suggested that we walked around the cold storage there n have a look

and then we saw this place...and ok..sorry as I mentioned many times before I always wont and dont remember the name of the shop and the foods wan, cause I seldom blog about food this place is actually a restaurant for Taiwanese food, its just around Mr.Teppanyaki..ohya...did I said it is in 1utama New Wing? haha

We ordered the 'hong shao niu rou fan'..and sorry to said again...I cannot remember those names mandarin and english...pai seh...tat's y I cannot be a blogger that blog about foods :p hahaha...but 1 thing is...I will wan to go back this place, then tat time I will take all the pics of the food we are going to order and remember their name in both languages, so that its easier for you guys if you guys are interested to have a meal there...which I highly recommend because their foods really not bad at all

sour plum ice blended..damn nice...even my dad loves it

we called this 'ma la huo guo'..totally taste the spicy feel

hong shao niu rou fan (beef rice), very nice combination of the beef and the rice with some their sauce

chinese style punya beef balls, hahahahaha

I try to go back this place asap and get everything more details for u guys ya, or who wanna go with me?hahaha

till then... :p

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