Sunday, May 24, 2009


FREE!! ITS FREE!! I mean...who doesnt love free stuff..especially its manicure!!

ok..obviously this post is not ngam for males..but hey...guys out there...dont be make urself looks neat and clean..this is one of the important point that can attract gals u know...gals will notice whether ur toes, legs and hands are nice anot then evaluate u (in her mind) hahaha

ok la..dun wan force...but for all the gals out there...its free! using OPI polish nails somemore..what are you waiting for? and if you wan to do french manicure, u just add additional RM10 and u can get it! for pedicure, its only RM35!

me with yen before doin manicure

very excited!!

Yen choosing her color

my turn to choose...I HATE decision making

luckily got yen there so she give comments oso..hehe

actually I really love my hands..the part that I most love coz they look skinny...wuahahaha T_T

happy happy XD

so...what are u waiting for!?!?!? left 2 days only...

till then :p

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