Wednesday, May 27, 2009

美丽的丑小鸭 The Ugly Swan








That day my mom told me : you no longer the ugly duckling. We are so glad about that. When you was young, tiny little you was afraid of everything, have no self confidence at all. Now you are not the same anymore, and you have friends!

I replied :erm, what do you worry about? I think everything are still the same

My mom said, 4 of you guys, you are the only one who have no confidence at all. You don’t make friends, always stay at home. We felt symphaty and worried.

Have I really change? the undergo metamorphosis of the physical cannot be the reason of covering myself? Yet, the protections make me feels lot more secure. But, will that be too much?

It seems that everyone did not notice the real attitude. Is that really easy to change? I always throw this question to myself.  

Of course this cannot blame others, because to be a swan. I will have to act and behave like a swan (think of the ballet dance – The Swan)to make people feel that I am the swan.

But, is that really important? I mean, why can’t I be the ugly ducking forever? And if I have become the swan? Does that mean I really became a swan? Or till the end of the day, I’m still the small ugly duckling?

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