Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm a standout in life

I'm a standout in life, because I am not standout in life.

Guess some of you are a stupid sentence. But seriously other than this sentence I dont think there is any other words that can best suites about my life with this post.

Starting with my post, maybe alot of people will think that no matter what kind of gal she is la, as long she post her own pics on her blog then this gal are confidence with her physical, attention seekers and bla bla bla...what if I said I am none of them...will you believe? of course u wont, but my frens did.

So, if I am not stand out enough why can I consider I stand out in life. Well, its because people notice me because I am not standout in T_T

Actually this is the thing I notice, maybe I have fate to be close fren with pretty gals or gals which are very unique, most importantly...maybe its because I really have no confidence at all due to something happened during my childhood in I guess to have a confidence on myself no matter on what is something very hard for me. (P.S Guess I can write a post of this for Part 2 by saying my not standing out life with my stand out frens :p )

Sometimes its kinda sien when meeting new people and they come you are so quiet this and that...that sometimes kinda annoys me..thats why I dont like to meet new people, and everytime for sure there are people that are funny or very good in social in a group right..for sure not me loh..but so ngam those kind of people that happened to be so...they really one of a kind one..I mean not normal that kind of crazy or funny or whatever you can think...but really 'special'..and everyone love them..included offence at all...they are damn good..sometimes I kinda envy them..I love their courage, I love their quierkyness, I love how crazy and how funny they can be..but at the end of the day...I prefer to be back not standing out in life

Actually writing this post, not so much of trying to win the prize...TIPU la! hahaha...if dun wanna win also wont write d rite :p no la..seriously..this title do make me feel interest to write bout myself because I felt that it is a good way for a blogger to know themselves more, also for the readers to know the bloggers more

so...what you standout in life? but no matter what you standout..sure standout than me wan so no worries :) I really would love to read your post about your standout in if you reading this post, maybe you can leave me your blog so that I can read yours (if u dun mind la)

or u are thinking what prize u can win by writing an interesting post of your standout in life, or you wanna gain access to this party? click here for more details then :)

so let us standout our life in our own standout way!!

To Be Continue....


Anonymous said...

well well dear princess...after reach ur blog..only i know that u still stuck in a middle of the reality...(^^) well confidence your self & improve it!as a real friends no one will think u,write out this blog is use to trick guys or la bla bla...just try to think to a positif way..your life will better than u felt so!!!well gambate to prove it (^.~)cheer's

vOon said...

i dun un wat u mean by write out this blog is use to trick guys woh..guys will like gals doesnt stand out meh? hahaha

thanks anyway :p