Monday, May 11, 2009

Krabi Day 1

Thailand, here I come again! And this time is Krabi!

vOon (OS) : Beach again T_T

Haha, yeap..its beach again…for me I don’t like it cause I get tan easily…or should I say that I am already tan?

But the different thing for this time is…I went with my colleagues! Those crazy = funny ppl I’ve met so far..not one but a bunch

So…here is the 1st day…woke up so early..even earlier than I go work T_T

We all kumpul at our office, then we take bus to LCCT. Maybe really not enough sleep, so once got into the bus not long, I fall asleep, till almost reach airport.

While waiting to check in airport, what can do? Take pics and go to duty free shop loh..haha. Recently really crazy of perfume..especially CKin2u (her), my ‘last’ perfume I want so far for my perfume collection.

Duration to Krabi is only like 1 hour, which is very fast for me, maybe its because the longest for me is 8 hours plus (to Melbourne), so this wan…I really feel very fast leh, didn’t even have time to sleep.

When we reach, SOOO excited…cause the resort really very nice..especially the interior. So, the first thing after we settle down in accomandation, next thing is to fill our stomach.

Our accomandation’s location is very convenience, go out only can see 7-11 and MC.D. Of course la, takkan in other country d still wanna makan MC.D rite other than their samurai burger. So we went for the stalls along the road, and we saw this.

We all kinda complain of the duration that the woman took to prepare the foods. But when the food arrived, we all said…hm…worth it ah..haha…cause other than those foods look nice, they taste nice too! That’s why I never worry to try their food no matter where.

After that we went to our boss’s room to practice for our performance for the dinner. Everything went well, even in the annual dinner. Its been a while I never get to high, its not because of alcohol. I guess its because the colleagues, environment…and of course the MUSIC! Damn long time didn’t dance d…waiting for this day..haha.

Ohya, something I really need to tell is that I really feel so lucky la, sort of feel like this company really brings me luck. Company dinner, sure got lucky draw right. So I told my frens, aiya…sure wont kena wan cause my family don’t have such luck..Which is true. Cause our family really very very seldom get to kena lottery or won some prizes home.

BUT…I got to have a IPOD SHUFFLE!!! It’s the latest version somemore…4GB…wuaahahah…this is the 1st happy thing. Another is that, the department performance, our department won!! Really didn’t thought of it because the competition were tight, every group have a great performance…anyway…what a good day to start the trip J

P.S Pics will be posted up after office hour as usual :p

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