Monday, May 25, 2009

Krabi day 4 - the holiday is over!! :(

Oooo…its time to get our ass back to work..sienzzz

After 4 days of fun, 9 something in the morning, we prepared ourselves to have breakfast for the last time in Krabi.

So sien la, nothing to write actually…have breakfast d then ciao to airport we all just take pics while waiting…guess all oso very tired all oso like stay in their small group, rest…sleep…went into the plane…sleep again..then we reach KL LCCT, went into the bus, sleep again…around 5pm we reached our office…somehow I felt glad…to see something familiar..hahaahah

Since day 3 a lot of pics rite…so now its time to slow down and digest abit 1st with this short post :p

take a pic with my roommate - Shi Yin aka 'yin can' before we leave..haha

the airport

lovely June June

this is father n daughter punya match..hahaha

then this is posers match :p

sayang matches

coffee lovers...but I dont have money to buy T_T

heading off to the plane

bye bye Krabi...

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