Sunday, May 31, 2009


gotcha :p

haha...actually my content is about stripes...but because I am the one who love the :p just for the fun of it

Yup, I know checkers are very popular now...but FYI...stripes getting into the trend lately...especially the white blue stripes, the sailor style...which is my favorite!! well...not because of the trend, I realize that years ago I already fall in love with stripes, especially the horizontal wan...vertical stripes although make people look skinnier, but dunno leh, I felt the style is abit old (no offence) :p

Recently more crazy..shud say because now they have this trend again so I its easier to get this kind of style...let's say....Kitschen..hahaha

They memang like this, I mean they categorize their purple 1 side, checkers,strpies, red all categorize nicely wan...tat's 1 one the reason I like to go there and try out their shirt...also shopping la..haha

I guess I have habit...if u've been my loyal readers, maybe u will remember I went to Kitschen last time and I chose all grey stuff, this time also like this...I mean I got all the stuff I wan d then only I realize they have things in this time was stripes...

out of topic..haha...just purely like the top :p

ok...back to topic

I like this cutting but the sleeve there too short T_T

too big and old

I love this!!! the cutting very nice...but its 49.9..which I dont think really that worth la although tempted d...will do research 1st!

After seeing stripes, I only really got alot of tops are stripes wan


my fav top...bought in Forever 21...sweet stripes

normal stripes

thick stripes...I know my face was so round! plus thick stripes make u look fatter T_T

somewhere in DFO

my most comfortable still wearing...bought in Jay Jay's as well

this orange wan ah...AUD6 only...wuahaha..but wore few times only got lubang d although now still can wear :p

another fav of mine

There 2 WAS belong to my sis...not WERE cause she gave me one d..haha

fav of the fav :p

go stripersssss!!!!! I mean stripes!!!

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