Thursday, May 14, 2009

Krabi day 2

2nd day….actually not much to talk about because its our free and easy day, also the day for group 1 to leave Krabi…bye bye to group 1 :p

Few of us woke up very late..maybe around 11 like that, cause the day be4 we slept very late ler. Some of them went to beach, then massage. Then few of us, just lepak around, had lunch.

Few of my colleagues rent the motor there...its only 150 baht for the whole day...but petrol gotta go fill urself la...which is only cheap wei...wat r u waiting for??

and guess how the petrol 'station' look like? 

hahaha...cute I feel like we are the 'kampung gal'

After that, we also go for the massage, hahaha…really damn nice the place. Its outdoor, infront of the beach only. Just imagine, lying on the tilam, ppl massaging all over ur body, listening to the sound, what a moment… for me…I did body scrub instead of massage, not really a big fan for massage. No regrets for taking the body scrub package although kinda pain la when they scrub, but after that the body really nice and soft loh..hahaha

I met a new fren there...his name called bombi (must pronounce it in Thai ppl way)

He likes me...hahahaha...massage also wanna stay beside me woh :p damn cute

Solo pic is always a must..but not much

Then ah, we all gathered and went to have dinner. As usual, our company really dunno why always will wear the same type or color of clothes, and on that day, we wore flowery dress…haha..not all la..but few of us…

We went to this place, er…I don’t really reckon…1stly is because they took a long time to prepare the foods. 2nd, the portion of the food so small lohh!! And 3rd…doesn’t really taste tat nice only. Like I say, maybe really shud go for those small stalls where foods taste better than big restaurant like this one we went..hahaha

all too hungry...wanna makan only

Then after that we all lepak there…again…bought something…but I really don’t like shopping here. They very LC, especially to asian like us…maybe they are spoilt by those ang moh by just paying without asking for discount and such. Whenever they say : ‘last price is XXXbaht’ then really last price d, they really degil like cow, wont discount anymore…some even like really beh song and start giving those shit face and ‘asking’ u to be faster, some even complain that u take too long…wtf…my frens kena ma…actually only like…less than 15 minutes?

Anyway…that’s end of day 2 la..I know..sien worries…stay tune for day 3…bet u will enjoy ‘seeing’ pics…haha

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