Wednesday, September 23, 2009

k-time at Red Box!

went to Red Box last week, and wanna share something with people who love to sing.

Firstly I wanted to talked about their package thing la. Cause I still have student card, so I did used the student card which is RM8++, with only 2 drinks. BUT at last I changed to normal head, cause they said as long there is someone paying for student price, then that room is not allowed to order beer...I was like T_T. As if we are all under 18 or so, ya I know this will go well with their internal package stuff or whatsoever, but really farn and stuff loh

so ok la, that's the only thing I beh song abit cause u can earn money u dun wan, but in a good way is tat if those are really student, its good that they are this strict.

so our singing time its from 3pm-6pm..18++, with a dish and a drink. Then they got ask us wanna add another RM10 to have buffet and sing till 9pm. Of course we want la! If not mistaken, I remember last time we have to pay like another RM40 which is the cost of buffet dinner package, even we want to extend it. But now not same d, which I think its good la. Because of this point I absolutely will go back to Red Box again.

Plus their buffet food are not bad at all, service also not bad. Cause that time I wanna know my redbox card's points. So the waiter help me, which quite leng chai oso la..hahaha...u can actually use the existing points to exchange a drink or something, which is very suitable for me this kind of person when I dont wanna spend another almost RM10 to order 1 more drink.

So here are the pics

he said he's not ready yet...but I dont think so loh

I have to give a compliment for one of the waiter there for taking this pic for us...not because this pic is damn nice or wat, somehow its just a normal pic and that's what we want. but the thing is that he offered to take pic for us before we ask him to...which I consider a very good service! seriously..although there's people taking pics every where at anytime already, but still I dont see the waiters there will offer to help...instead, this is the first time I've met this situation.

me and Yann were actually very excited of having so much to eat :p

posing again...more poser than us la :p

overall, I really enjoyed and love the service and food... definitely will go back (cause I got free head charge voucher) hahahahaha

anyone wanna join?


dreamydolls said...

hahaha... yes yes.. puji him.. LENG CHAI WAITER.. let's go back curve redbox for him ya... heheheheheheh

vOon said...

elleh...u know which wan anot..not the one tat took photo for us u when wan sing k 1st