Saturday, September 19, 2009

make up or not

Let's go straight to the topic...shall we...

With n without make up, and heavy make up and no make here comes the prob. Does that really matter?

ok la, I think heavy make up may be categorize under no make up loh...why? cause both are scary. But how people define heavy make up? wearing a fake eye lashes to the beach...or with light make up to the beach...ya I know..the answer is, we dont need to wear make up to the beach...but people did wear make up to the beach nowadays..and I dont think its a crime if they do so...although I dont

BUT again, let us recap why we should not wear make up to the beach? WHY? cause we will get wet, so whats the point of having make up? or another simple answer, why we even wear make up to beach...ok..cut the crap

another point is...they always said, there's no ugly woman but lazy woman...then now said walao, so big diff before and after make up...but if there is no diff...what's the point to wear make up?

Actually I do agree with some points where, we memang dont need to wear heavy make up..but remember what people always tell us?


Make up is only one of the tool take make some of us AT LEAST have some confidence, so why not. Some will have confidence by showing their cleavage, some show their legs, some show their hair and long the point is to have confidence. but not for all la cause weekend I dont wear make up not because I am confidence, just because I am lazy when I have to wear make up to work for 5 days...because that makes me looks more 'lively' (stupid panda eyes T_T)

Plus u tell me, which girl doesnt like to look pretty? since young lets say 3-5? she even know she want to wear nice dresses. until 60something...they still will use skin care products...if there's a scar on the matter what age we are on...WE MIND!

Conclusion? well, the only thing I can say is...we cant care too much of what people say. Just do what u like as long u did not kill, steal or affect others physically (or maybe mentally too).

P.S FYI, natural make up doesnt mean it's really a light make up (if u get what I mean), cause they usually use hell lots of ding ding dong dong to cover up. Google it :p

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