Sunday, September 13, 2009

pre farewell


shit man, getting more n more 'pou' pics, shud be happy or wat? hahaha...but still I didnt drink much la, just hanging out with the nice ppl...and this is the pre farewell for June....JUNEEEEE DONT GO :(

We went to The Library which located at the curve. Few of them commented that they love the place. its a nice place to drink and chit chat. For me I prefer club, cause can dance ma..haha..but of course its still depends on who we are going with rite :p

somehow..the environtment is very nice

June June :) and Sylvia

but the 'zu gok' seems to be him - Michael..haha

see...Shi Yin oso sien d :p hahahahah *just kidding*

hahaha...ok la..enuff of him he wanted to be the camera man

the two that talk the whole didnt join us for the photo session

and group photosssss

sweet sweet June...we will miss u...

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