Monday, September 07, 2009

woohoo clubbing

wow...its been a while I didnt go to the 'actual' clubbing...u oso can see from my blog wat, when u get to see my clubbing pics? no ma rite :p if u said the last time I dance with the music...its was in my company trip at Krabi, on May...if u said the actual will be last year around feb when I back Msia from Melbourne

BUT...this is the first time I almost in I really drink. To be honest, people who know me know I dont drink, I cant cause I am allergic and the main reason is that I just dont like the taste. That day that alcohol taste not bad, so I think I drank for like 5 cups, its vodka anyway

As I said I am not drunk cause I still can remember everything, just very happy and 'high'...haha...its good, cause I seldom let go myself...tension babe...

so here are the pics :)

2 cups face felt warm d

when Michael go around n take pics (as wat he always do), I continue minum

wonder why Connie always dont look at the camera

Kidd T_T spoil her image d

but no worries, cause she always looks pretty...always :D

see my need blusher also looks red d :p

took with 2 pretty gals...wuahaha...

after that, really beh tahan d...whole night keep on dancing only..I always love Sanctuary's music :D

next post will be farewell for JUNE!!


dreamydolls said...

wow.. enjoy siall.. i pun mau la... LoL

vOon said...

u faster take leave la then we go clubbing! i'm serious..plan with nicole oso