Monday, December 27, 2010

All I Want for you

Yea I know, a very boring title cause I cant think of any...and actually xmas (or whatsoever celebration ) can actually make people feel more lonely wan matter you are single or attached...

I remember when I was young (around 15-18) those time...that few years I just hide in the room, listening to those xmas songs played from the radio...I feel so lonely yet...warm. Guess that's the power of xmas songs..

Ok...before I go out of the I said, everything tend to came in earlier this christmas..which included my xmas gift : D

well...not sure whether I'm the only one to behave this way, or I shouldnt behave like this

Since I was young till now, all the while I hope to have my bf to give me surprises during celebrations. As in any gift will do as long you know that suits me or that is what I want ( I am romantic I know) But everytime end up my bf will bring me to buy what I want cause they dont want to waste time and money to see my black face cause of getting things that I didnt expect them to buy me. Things like this happened again...weeks ago...while we are in mid valley...

He :  so wat u wan for xmas
Me : u mai guess la
He : aiyo..dun wan so ma farn la..later buy things u dont like
Me :  then mean u no heart la..takkan dunno wat I like
He : dai lou...u not dunno ur style..u tot easy buy things for u ah.later bought jor u dun like, u not happy I dulan..waste money waste time..for wat oh
Me : -.- fine...(cause I know I am)

He : so what u wan for xmas
Me : I feel like having some u choose ok
He : I said d...I bring u go n choose
Me : why cant you just choose for me lehhhh (very de dulan)
He : the choices are so wide ok..example
       necklace? bracelet? ring? earings? etc
       pearl? silver? gold? crystal? etc
Me : *speechless* ( FYI...I hardly speechless)
        FINE! you win (saying that in the heart)
He : so later saw what you like then straight buy d..dont wait liao


I saw Thomas Sabo...which I actually wants for my christmas...I was this fated or wat? Cause I  never knew there's an outlet in The Gardens. So I saw only I straight walk towards it and I saw my very very lovely Eiffel Tower! no 2nd thought, we went in...

and here goes my xmas gift...
 Which I actually very very happy and satisfied *in love with the Eiffel Tower*

 At last I got my Eiffel Tower (whatever it is as long I can wear it with me)...

oopsyy..supposingly I should post about my xmas eve dinner..didnt know this post suddenly became so long...wait for my next post then : D very soon...till then my loveliesss

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