Tuesday, December 07, 2010


weee~~am so happy and excited to write this post because I have tons of photos to share with you my beloved readers (although tak banyak la) haha...

I wrote Japanese on my title..hm..its because the photographer keep on said 'ji pun..ji pun' means japan la..:p he planning to shoot in those very kawaiiii...dreamy~~japan feel this time...so here goes our photoshooting

anyway my lovelies...I went for a photoshoot which with my besties and her bf was the photographer. I learnt new thing in this photoshoot. Well, usually I need some time to warm up myself to take more natural/ candid kind of photos...but this time its different, maybe Im with my besties...I just realize that I actually am not shy and uncomfortable compare with my last few photoshoot which I need some time to warm up myself first. So actually me myself, Mei Chin and Hui Wen enjoyed during our photoshoot and of course the end result of our photos. Most importantly, we had fun during the shooting session, every minute and seconds :D

Since there are too many shots, I will first share you the first batch of pics of us...

to warm up..for me I need to take pic together gether

shy shy~

ok...Im just joking, the photographer is trying to look for our best angle and the mood :D

love this so much!! I think Hui Wen can capture my moment d..haha

it's not hard for her at all..first thing...she has it all...every angle of her oso very pretty wan..haha

another thiings is, the photographer is the bf...haha

but still the truth is...she has it all...beautiful face and beautiful body..and not forget her very obvious punya dimple..haha

kawaaiiii nehhh~~ this pic can be post on magazine d

last but not least, she giving the puppy innocent eyes,

and so the photographer asked me to look innocent too...ok I know I failed

smile is good...smile is good :)

I love this pic so much...its really wat we all wanted...the mood, the color of the pic..and my arms look small here!yay~

Hui Wen looks so funny here...the expression of her eyes are like the eyes of the main character from the death note

ini baru betul ma

wokie..we spent too much time 'on the grass' d, so we changed to another spot

 some group photos...

my title for next post wil be 'Fly me to the moon'...wanna know why? stay tune then my loveliess : D
more kawaii, sexy, and beautiful pics (of Mei Chin) will be post too on next post... ngek ngek ngek


Emeryn said...

ooo so fast post adi! nice nice. apa ni! i nvr take sexy pics lah k? he sure kill me if i do. hahahaah

Taufulou said...

nice pics.. Emeryn always with her signature pose eh..:)

vOon said...

emeryn - haha..maybe u dun find it sexy but we think is sexy ma..hehe

taufulou - must be a very loyal reader of emeryn...ngek ngek ngek