Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eve should eat apple

I know, it's New Year Eve d but I am writing Christmas eve punya stuff..haha..tat's why my loveliessss...I need to finish this 2010 post in the year of 2010!

Actually it's just another normal celebration..just the price is higher -.-

We went to this place call Castell Restaurant and Bar which located at SS16

Whole experience? I think I will rate 3/5

I am not happy that they only have xmas set tat day...which I am not happy about la cause I tot wanna order ala carte wan...set is 88+,98+ and 108+ leh -.- its kinda expensive lo..macam kena tipu like tat..

mushroom soup...I still ok with it although it taste like those from the can except they added more mushrooms...

Environment...quite cozy..I like

Sirloin and rib eye set caused 108+ but it doesn't taste as nice as it worth..but not tat bad la

Mix grilled

and our pics :)

I almost wore exactly the same outfit as Mei Lee that day. I mean not exactly the same shirt, but it's black, same style, same length, same jeans mini skirt...we always have this 'kik' (same wave link) :p

Ok...herecomes the climax of the day. In the set, there's 2 choices for us as desert which is fruit cake and the Apple Almond Crumble (Apple Almond Crumble its their signature desert and its a MUST try).

So yea...of course all four of us ordered the Apple Almond Crumble without 2nd thought, although they didnt know that's the signature desert to order except me.

And you know what...when we finished our main course, this is what they gave us...


All of the sudden, the waiter brought us these, and said :' So sorry but Apple Almond Crumble are finished. NO MORE". Bf actually not happy about it because they didnt inform us earlier about it, and didnt even tell us anything before they give us this watever cake la...

So, fine la..we didnt say anything and just makan. Yes, we didnt even really have the 2nd bite cause it's really not nice lo! and you know what, after like 10-15 minutes, we saw they served APPLE ALMOND CRUMBLE !! wth???just now told us no more, then now ?!!? so that make my bf more pissed. Pissed not because we didnt get to eat that, just that they are really not professional on this. So, he actually requested to see the person in charge.

Yes, after waiting for a while, bf get to talked to the person in charge. After telling her about the incident..
She said :" oh, the reason why he said so is because that they were informed that the apple almond crumble it's actually finished ( I think her finish mean they need to bake the new batch again), so there's no more to serve. It's ok, if you guys dont mind waiting, I will serve 4 apple almond crumble for you?

YES OF COURSE! hello...I'm actually not the complain kind of person but they are really not professional on this. What do you mean no more? You can just tell us the truth and ask whether we mind waiting or not. Not by just sending us things that we wont wanna eat and we still have to pay for that!! xmas eve..PEACE :D

and u know what, APPLE ALMOND CRUMBLE IT'S AWESOME~~~ just like in heaven...worth waiting seriously...

happy happy~~

So I guess this might be the 'last post' for this year, or maybe I will write another post as a 'conclusion' for 2010...we'll see~~ till then my loveliessss


dreamydolls said...

LOLX................ i baru faham why u say eve must eat apple ... is coz of the apple crumble...

vOon said...

but i oso got another meaning there :p

JoinMe said...

Hi vOon
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
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