Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cousin's wedding dinner

It's time for us - the family to gather ALL TOGETHER again :D

Yes~ all together and even with most of my relatives because we attending my cousin's wedding dinner 

and as we all know...when you attends wedding dinner, what we are doing most of the time is - WAITING

WAITING for the dinner to start
WAITING for the dishes to come
WAITING for the brides and groom to 'get marry'
wait wait and wait...

but the best thing is, during 'the wait', there's the time for us to talk, and also cam whores :D

my sis trying to get a nice pic...she said her face looks big n fat...I said..boh bian u r taking pic with me..wuahahahahaha

n finally she's satisfied with this pic

at last she rather go take pic with mom...so she looks better..hahaha

of coz I cam whore too with her iphone 4 :p
n a bit of here and there

younger cousin n my younger bro

my uncle and aunty

their family picture

n our turn for a family picture :D

my siblings...I'm the 3rd fyi

I look like the youngest n a spoiled brat here...wuahaha

we decided to take a pic from further view..so we asked our younger bro to take for us, by using my sis's iphone 4

then he ask : press where...
his go and press the volumn button!! wuaahahahahaahah

n we laughed long enough for him to take a pic for us laughing...:p

kesian him..ok la..cant blame him cause he's using my HTC which the camera button  is located at the volumn button on iphone

notty brandon boy~

yes I know I look just like my mom..u know why...cause she pose like me Xp teehee

see see..she's posing like me again :p if so then I wanna to be like her, even 50something oso can look so young 

maybe tat wish will become true...coz I looks younger than me younger bro...rite rite?? * brainwashing*

Oh..I think I didnt mention that the wedding dinner was held at Damasara Palace and Kota Damansara

the dishes..well...most of it not bad la..at least the service I am satisfied! cause I've just been to another wedding dinner few weeks ago and the service really sucks big time!! will tell the story if got chance

I love the prawns!! its big and juicy~~

my cousin - biao jie..she really looks pretty..she shud doll up herself coz she actually got the look

notty brandon have no patient with the adults...cry and wanna go home...

still can see the tears..

but at last luckily got something he likes to eat (my left hand holding it)..at least he's distracted and not thinking to go home

wedding dinner will never make people down but fat! few more to go next year~~T_T but still happy happy..weee~~

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