Monday, December 20, 2010

Autumn In My Heart

Yes yes, autumn in my heart. I know I am using such an outdated name for the title but that is the name I can think of (yaya I dont think out of the box) and that is the feel I get after seeing those pictures we took in i-city.

yup yup..of course I wont forget what I said.. here comes Mei Chin sexy cutie picss   
she dont need to act sexy..she's sexy in every way

then this is wat we call ‘回眸一'笑’

the sexy one

got autumn feel rite so far...

except this one..this is Michael Jackson feel

Slowly we started to get bored of taking the same style of pictures, smile and looking at the camera.

so we ....


took some haunted pics...

see this pic...

n this

wahhhhh....damn scary wei this Mei Chin!!! now I also dont dare to see lo (although I put Xlarge for u guys :p )

dont know izit get affected or also pose like tat liao..haha
tak ngam me I know..but I love this fren said I look like a doll here...I hope so too..teehee

remember those 'fly me to the moon' pics? these are the pics taken while I'm waiting to fly~~

which I love it cause with the most autumn feel among the bunch...

too many pics to post and categorize...but still got 2 more to go so be patient and stay tune! no worries cause surprise like the 'haunted pic' will only be in this post posts will be another season, and a bit of tutorial of taking some pics..till then lovelies : D

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