Sunday, June 01, 2008

day trip in the city

well..if some of u noticed..some previous posts got some allignment probs..guess is becoz i change the templates too many times so alot o things kelam-kabut d..n I got enuff of it!! from 2something noon till like 15 minuets ago only stop searching for the templates I want. ok..anyway..dont want talk about that d.
now I gotta turn back time again, haha...this post should be more ealrier than the two previous post (birthday n CNY)...this day trip is organized by deakin uni those peer supporters...for international students..actually nth much to say also..haha..but pics are more than I posts all my pics only not more than usual time loh :p

~me n steven at Flinder Street~

~yea..we all advertising my blog..haha~
~Di's ziu pai pose~
~ I forgot call wat thing ah...~
~I look tiny...but people behind me look more
~back to Uni tired~

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