Friday, January 30, 2009

in my little cubicle

Having my lunch now, listening to my ‘bluesy’ (I know la no such word), ‘jazzy’ songs..what a lunch break. I never feel so relaxing in such a place. I can surf net, I can chat so ‘brightly’ now, in my little cubicle.

I love to be alone actually, but only in the situation where no one will notice, realize or can see that u r alone. Well, that’s back to…cause I mind how people look at me or think about me. Yaya, I know I no friends la, hahaha…but seriously its really a nice feeling. It’s like u r out of the reality world. Don’t listen to pop songs man, that will make u into a commercialize world, hahahahaha…just kidding la, as long the songs make u feels relax, happy. Frankly speaking, when I am listening to ‘When I Fall In Love’ by Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole, I will suddenly have a smile on my face, which almost happens everytime I listen to it, just like now. How magical music are…right J

pai seh I cant so 'jiong yong' tat I am taking pic la

but if take myself is easier cause somehow my head is smaller than my cubicle space (readers: DUHHH!!)

Ok la I know its quite messy, but because I da bao, and my colleague said wan loh, see...ppl's table messy, ur table so clean u r not tat bz yet.haahahaha...soon ge la, once I got things to do my table really messy like....cannot see wan..haha

To spoil this post awhile, damn…I’m eating twister fries, when the music suddenly finish which really hard to focus that it’s going to finish while u are so into the song, I felt that I crunching so loud cause the twister fries so crunchy.

Well well, its 2.06pm now. I gotta faster finish up my fries and start working. Bye bye my happy little relaxing moment. Hopefully there’s next time :p


NdCowjumpOverD?? said...

i like being alone too,especially when i am surfing the net without anyone noticing it!

vOon said...

walao...u sounds liek u watching porn...hahahahha

NdCowjumpOverD?? said...

hiya...who dun watch porn lah!! :)
i mean, sometimes u just dun want people to know that u are sOOoo free to surf net and stuff... can relate to that? :)

vOon said...

i dun un eh...its lunch time of coz its free wat...even if its not free oso gotta relax abit n makan, if not u r not appreciating the food d, cant digest..hahaha :P