Monday, January 12, 2009

hours trip in pyramid

I know this sounds damn crazy, or stupid, or waste money, la, I went to mid valley, cause I wanted to buy a small mirror (babi story). Yea, sounds weird right the name, maybe some of you gals know...they kinda like immitating anna sui's style, that's why I like it. I bought a case last time to keep cotton bud wan, so I wanted to go back to 'In Q-box' to get the mirror...mana tahu, when I went for it but tak dapat..I only remember..oopss...I think the one I bought from

damn it man, I feel sooooooooooo guilty all the way from mid valley to used of RM7.70 for 3 tols from my house to mid valley, then to pyramid. then the parking...hai...

When I reached pyramid, I though to make good use of the money and time, I must buy the mirror I planned to buy...but it cost RM29.90 wtf!!! seriously...I mean due to my kiam la...should say I really dont think is worth it la cause I dont really spend too much on something that I dont think that really worth that much to spend end up I didnt buy T_T

so fast fast we went to makan...there is this Japanese pasta restaurant named 'Pasta De Gohan' just near the donuts shop..they said their recipe consider healthy wan woh...but I think is kinda expensive thou, average 1 plate of pasta cost RM25-RM30, maybe its because their pasta are imported from Japan wan gua. But their stuff not bad geh.

pasta with bolognese sauce

pasta with...chicken..forgot what's the name d, and I also forgot what's the vegetables they mixed with...well...u know..I am not so close with the vege :p

after that we went to 'Kitschen'. yup..not KITCHEN but is KITSCHEN..for some of u that u worries mate, cause I also dont know :p heard ppl said that their clothes is for youngster...we saw a gal beside us taking their plastic bag, so we thought to go to have a look. Before we reach there I did not have any interest at all cause I trying to force myself stop spending money on clothes..also I thought it will be something like MNG or Topshop...which quite expensive..or I should say the price with the quality of some clothes not so reasonable la (FOR ME)...

when we reached there...OMG..serious shit...since that day, Padini might not be my first choice to shop for clothes anymore (for sure will shop for shoes :p ), cause Kitschen stuff are soooooooooo....affordable..reasonable...and their stuff are not bad at hands itchy again so I got few of it to fitting room

seriously..I didnt realize everything I got were grey

even the one I wore that day...kinda into grey nowadays I guess

this t cost RM29.90...quite long time d I didnt get to see this kind of price in that kind of shop

this is cute! I didnt have this kind of style of shirt yet - RM49.90

RM69.90?? (forgot d)

I kinda like this cause I thought can cover all my fats...but quite hard to wear...lazy to style it


I love this kind of shirt!! long one...but my butt is big but my body kinda the lower part always not nice wan..dont bliv?

told ya...

end up I bought one of it...
guess which wan I bought??

u got it right? hahaha..quite obvious la I know..its RM44.90 anyway..didnt know they got discount..SO CUTE!!! I mean the top :p

Ohya, Kitschen is just near forever 21..forgot which floor d, whether first or ground floor and..ohya again...pyramid's bathroom are nice! I think only for the new wing wan

so cute dolly

damn...seriously gotta stop spending money d cause no income T_T....I NEED A JOB AHHHHH!!

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