Wednesday, August 03, 2011

After more than 10 years and here I am, at Penang

Well, my title says it all as well as my previous post. So I wont be so long winded saying that how Penang is so different for me (sorry lo just cant stop being so excited mah...)

Our call time for that day was 2pm, Chuckei and me had a good sleep :D Then we headed toKhoo Khongsi (龙山唐邱公司)which located at Cannon Square.

Although some of the buildings there are still under renovation, but I am really impressed and so excited with the temples and all~

Mana tau we dont have scenes there, well its ok la since the call time is quite late :p

Next location we headed to Eastern & Oriental Hotel.

OMG! its so classis and beautiful I think I can stay here forever....(ok Im just joking I cant afford -.-)

very grand too...

Love the washroom...

and of course a beautiful girl is needed too right~


We waited for few hours there actually -.- so boring can...

At last its our turn, and that only take like..less than 1 hour...LOL...good also

group photo after shooting

When we headed back to our hotel we saw something that make us soooooooooooo exicted!!!! all the stalls are opened!!!

We went back to our room to look for Luxanne and clean up ourselves first after a long day...then we quickly ran down and began our dinner!

4 ladies and a kid...this is just part of our dinner~

see we all so excited~

this chee cheong fun is soooooo gooooodddd~~ love the chili sause!!

we saw another food that make us mooooreee is

tadaaa~~ durianssssss!!!

Do you know it's so hard to get someone that really loves durian like me? (I think I should do a post to elaborate how much I love durian!)

and do you know its something should be very happy and excited when you are on a trip with whole bunch of new friends but yet they have the same taste as you?! especially on durian?? glad I met Luxanne and Chuckei in this durian lovers~

can you see the smile...

and the happiness?~

it just came naturally~

cause of durian~ anyway we just had one durian that night which already caused us RM30 -.- fai si next day skin looks terrible cause too heaty...

not done yet, our supper was tong yuen~ very nice also...I love the one with filling inside wan~ so next time you happen to buy for me get me the filling one k : D  hahaha...just kidding :p

and with ALL THAT...was our last night in Penang...only 3 hours to sleep and we will be heading to Langkawi~

till then!


Samsung said...

got to know you from dailylenglui. i love your short hair but I love your long hair more :)

J said...

beautiful hair style there.

vOon said...

Samsung - hehe...I miss my long hair too, have to cut this short for shootin :( but actually that long hair was a wig :p hehe

J - thank u :)