Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodbye My Love Kapalai

Lets continue the ‘night’ in Kapalai.

As mentioned we finished the shoot around 7. So me, Luxanne and Chuckei went back to our room, actually just to put our luggage cause we planned to go swimming at the sea, so we just change into our bikini and off we go~

So happening can…before we reached the place we already heard people screaming and water splashing. Man  tau  they actually jumping down to the sea instead of using the stairs provided. ITS FUN !! but the sea water damn salty (DUH!) well I didn’t stay for long cause I think my skin is quite sensitive to sea water, my skin gets itchy after for like…5 minutes?

So we all just went back to our room after we had fun at the pool for like…45 minutes? So 3 of us went back to our room for shower. Seriously I love the ‘balcony’ and you know what, I just so in love with the sky there cause the stars are just like so near to you as if you can touch them! Luxanne and I spent almost 1 hour lying at the floor and chit chat while Chuckei is taking shower and all J

I chose the one on the far right, Chuckei chose to sleep in the middle as the fan its just above her, and kesian Luxanne slept at the far right where she actually didnt really enjoy the 'air'

wanted to show the balcony but FAILED :(

Among all the places we went,We had the best dinner ever on that night . The sotong bakar were AWESOME! I think we gain weight just because of the dinner XP. Then they decided to lepak at a place by having some beers. That night was awesome seriously. Am so happy to have the change to actually met allthese people! All so friendly and naaaiiceeee!! *missing them already* we actually quite often send msg by saying how much we miss each other..hahaha 

they poured some beer on the navel and dare people to drink it...YEWWWW..of course no one DARE la!

He's really drunk -.-

dont you think the stomach looks like monkey? hehehe

so nice...can u see the moon?!

Back to our room around 12. I chose the bed which is the nearest to the window. Imaging yourself sleeping beside the sea, you actually can see what is in the water. That why I saw sea turtle!!!

That why I saw sea turtle!!!

Seriously I cant believe that this is happening to me, sleeping beside the sea its just like a dream! I mean its so near la ok…feel so complicated. Must sleep cause gotta wake up early but I tak sampai hati to sleep cause I know I will miss this!

K la, anyway I stil have to sleep. Woke up around 7am for breakfast and standby for shooting again :D. Around 10 my nightmare has come again, cause we are taking the boat back -.- luckily this time was not tat long and God knows why..maybe they speed :D

took a group picture while most of us are here

Leaving~ Chuckei can still look so happy :( jealous

Then...another location to shoot…doesn’t take too long and tadaaaaa! Going back to KL liao.

Well, Kapalai its actually my last shoot already. Although there are frustrations, argument etc during the shoots, but still we all really enjoy the companion of each other…so sad L  and I am so gonna miss all of them L hopefully we still have the chance to see each other in the future.  


jfook said...

wowwww... you saw a sea turtle.. awesome..

Thristhan said...

Wahh, got baby turtle, so cute :)

vOon said...

jfook - yes! I was so excited and keep on take pics :p

Thristhan - actually its quite big..but I also dunno whether its still baby anot la cause I dont know how big is big..haha

Merryn said...

eeee... monkey looking stomach! >_<

CleverMunkey ® said...

such a nice trip... want to go kapalai someday! :) that's one funny drunkard!

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

vOon said...

Merryn - haha...u like it anot ? :p we laughed till stomach pain when we saw the pic XD

Clever Munkey - yea u shud! bring ur gf go la..sure damn happy wan..