Monday, August 22, 2011


I know some of you been waiting for this post for quite some time already right. No more waiting! Here comes my KAPALAI post!

To be frank I never heard of Kapalai before, cause I don’t really fancy to travel around (except to PARIS!) and of course I am not that rich -.- For this time I feel so blessed to go Kapalai, why? Cause everyone look and sounds so jealous after knowing that we are going to Kapalai, for free somemore (for work la) Since they are so jealous about it, and even my friends that involved in the shooting are very excited that we are going to that place…make me so excited.

started to fall in love with the morning sky

Here we are at Tawau airport...

We went on a bus and we just slept, so I guess it takes us around 2 hours to reach this place

I still not sure whether this is the is the place to check in for Kapalai resort, but its beautiful enough and made us so excited already!!!

Always look like a maid between these 2 beautiful girls~ LOL

I somehow look and feel terified and scared cause I've mentioned earlier that I have seasick, this 'boat trip' will take us around 45 minutes -.- in the middle of the sea somemore..PLEASE KILL ME! even the motion sickness pill also cant help me this time *sob sob*

Are you ready for some beautiful pictures of KAPALAI?!!? Here you go!!!

We all are soooooooo excited and happy when we reached. Non stop taking pictures everywhere. Not even hungry anymore although food were served, and I don’t even feel my ‘pening-ness’ already, hehe. But no joking, although I’ve been to some really nice resorts before but this is the BEST I’ve seen so far.

imagine yourself lying on the chair and watching the sunset with you love one

pictures all are so nice, not because of my skill and not because of the camera, just because the scenes are already so beautiful.

You can actually notice how clear is the sea water  from far

They have this 'aquarium' right in the middle of the dining cool!

A small stairs for us to get nearer to the sea~

friendly crabby~

and starfish!!! I never seen a real star fish and get so near with it! I even touched it, feels like plastic..haha

Well, we are not here to play though, although I am the one will be quite free, haha. But they rather us to not walk around cause we have to standby. Boh bian, we just have to stay where we are. Then Chuckei they all were called for the photo shooting, although I am not involve but I didn’t hestitate to just follow them! Since there’s no more of my scene :p We went to another side of the resort. OMG, that place just  like a fairy garden which is so suitable for a wedding ceremony.

took some pictures while waiting~

The shooting ended around 7! It’s really early for this time! So that means we have a long night to go!!! So see ya on next post, you wont wanna miss it :p till then my lovelies~~  

share you a pic before I continue my next post~


Shuwen said...

I've never heard of Kapalai but wow its pretty :) Especially love the last picture !

Aki said...

nice picture U got huh!! Like It so Much.. ^_^.v.. Miss my hometown.. T_T.v.. can't see such a beautiful sea or beach here at KL..

vOon said...

Shuwen - same here~ ask ur boy boy bring u go la..saw quite many couples there

Aki - ur hometown its Sandakan?
yalor...even further abit bit oso dont have

Aki said...

nope.. Sabah.. I mean it generally.. ^_^.v.. got a lot of nice beaches around Sabah.. (quite wondering,r U sabahan.. idk.. LoL)

vOon said...

Aki - I born in cham cannot balik kampung wan..
I know cause I have lots of frens from sabah or sarawak..shud say most of my frens are from there..haha

Aki said...

No chance huh.. Hm,If only KL have that paradise,It'll surely reducing my homesick level.. LoL..

Last time I go to Cherating Beach,my friend say " Fantastic Beach" and I was like," huh?? this is a normal beach we people goes fishing on weekend at my kampung.. :-p.."

Haven't reach Tioman nor Pangkor yet.. Will go there and see if it's worthy,what's your opinion?? ^_^.v..

neTToboy said...

never ever realize that we have a place called Kapalai. SO beautiful. sceneries from ur photos look very relaxing to be thr.wondering why that place not famous....

vOon said...

Aki - I thought Pangkor not tat good? tioman didnt heard about it yet

I still remember the first time I went Cherating I think I got the same reaction like ur fren too..first time saw such a clean n clear beach..hahaha

nettoboy - yea I dont know why too...seriously if u go there cin cai take oso will be nice wan~~cause tat place just simply beautiful...