Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do you B-liv?

woohoo~the commercial is out!

What commercial? wait till you finish reading this first...(dont scroll down first la k, very short only) :p

I feel lucky enough,a girl from FB suddenly ask me am I interested to go casting for skin care TVC. I went, I was not chosen cause at the end they actually used local artist...I think she is ba...

But guess what...I was chosen to be supporting role! so happy nehhhh~~~

So on that day we reached there around 7 something early in the morning lo -.- they only started to shoot our parts at night..around 7 something..mean we waited there for 12 hours doing nothing. But those people are very nice, worry that we will be too boring and wait for too long. Anyway, hile waiting we all just fall asleep whenever we can. So for me this shoot actually quite relaxing lo, I dont mind at all.

Seriously I feel so 幸福when I had MCD as my breakfast.

Crews setting up

The Main matching actually :p

and the supporting roles~~ yup..just the 2 of us...that's why I said, how can I be not happy

okok...I said very short mean really I should stop here and show you the commercial!

Oh...just in case you wanna know..this is B-liv (skin care) commercial :)



Isaac Tan said...

nice! you're on tv! :)

CleverMunkey ® said...

that's one funny ads! good one voon! u have the talent! :D

vOon said...

Isaan Tan - thanks :D I was quite happy bout it too :p

Clever Munkey - really ah?! I find myself abit over XD hahaha..