Monday, August 15, 2011

Rojak Langkawi

Ok, after so many other posts, I shall continue with my ‘2 weeks travelling posts’ again.
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So like I said, we only have 3 hours to sleep. We have to wake up around 5 something cause we need to go to the Jetty and we are taking Ferry to Langkawi! It’s a nightmare for me cause I go seasick too -.- damn I really hate all these motion sickness, that makes me have less interest to travel.

First departure is at 7:15am and that was the time we departed.

haha, hardly can see her to be so quiet and look so tired.

all still with the sleepy face

Anyway…we reached Langkawi around 10 I guess, and we are staying Bella Vista which is near to the Kuah Town. To be frank I don’t think Kuah Town its fun enough to stay at cause I just been to Pantai Cenang few months ago and that is definitely a nicer place to stay. But well, this time am here for work so nevermind la, there are still duty-free shops here~~

waiting at starbucks

this is how the hotel look like

First day shooting was at Datai Golf Course, then went to a location (sorry I forgot what name) which is sort of like near to the Langkawi airport. Take so much time lo actually -.-

Anyway, here's the place..quite a nice restaurant they have

We ended our day by having dinner at around 9 something...YEA~~

Another day, makan lunch outside Four Seasons hotel! You will never have a chance and the guts to do that lo

Another another day..haha..Sorry I cannot remember which is which day d.

We were off to the MIDDLE of the sea...means I will get more pening -.- cause mostly the wave will be more strong when you are in the middle of the I actually telan 2 I said those seasick pills are really good, I slept like I fainted while I was on the boat...

Hm..actually we stayed few days in Langkawi, but most of our time were waiting for our turn to do shooting. Every day our call time is around 5am and we finish shooting around 9 something. Between those times, the things we do is sleep and shooting. LOL. So actually not much pictures were taken during that time. Except there’s one scene which is at the beach~

So instead of parting to few posts, I will post up all the Langkawi pics and finish it in this post 

Last but not least, some pictures at the airport. It’s a must to take pictures with the talents especially the foreigners! Nice to meet them~

Few days to rest and next we will be going to KAPALAI!! Stay tune yo~ you would not want to miss how beautiful is that place!


Kyril D. Soul-X said...

hahaha that long hand bear bear i also hav xD

Thristhan said...

Nice jump shot there. Been ages since I've gone to Langkawi.

vOon said...

Kyril - tat wan is belong to Chukei..haha

Thristan - yea~ we all enjoyed that but took quite some time for so many people to take a nice one..hehe