Saturday, August 27, 2011

Every day Im shuffling

Ok, there's no shuffling pics, nothing much to do with the title also, just that I am stuck with LMFAO's song. LOL...

Well, it is because I am writing a PARTYYY post~~ its a gathering for us the talents and the crews after the whole shooting was done! 

ITS WEEKEND! so I am not gonna write matter we are working or studying...we already read alot during weekdays right! so here come the pictures! enjoy!!~~

some of us met up for dinner at Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant..deliciousnehhh

ever pretty luxanne ~~

and bunch of happy funny people~

beh tahan -.-

leaving Daorae and waiting others to we took some pictures with Akiko (girl on left) cause she wont be joining us :(

Next location we went was OVO located at uptown. It's quite a uncle place actually, hahahaha...but nevermind la cause we all still had fun!

me the shortest :(

love the chair!

ever beautiful Chuckei

n the ever gorgeous MOON~~ all so pretty n nice >-<

Liam - the korean manager treated everyone like his own artist...hehe

Tiffany - our 'nai ma

keep on covering my face while they take my pics :p

weeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~ think back also happy :D
How about you all? how did you spent your weekend?


cutebun said...

Everybody in the photos so pretty one.. =D

vOon said...

yeaaa~~ cause they are talents ma :)

CleverMunkey ® said...

such a good time u had there... so envy u can have fun with those good looking talents for food & alcohol :)

gonna spend my weekend with movies & food with friend and of course work! :(

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

Charmaine said...

Nice! You working in a talent company?

♥snoopy♥ said...

enjoyable party :)))

vOon said...

Clever Munkey - hahaha...tat was like weeks ago actually..I'm not really a alcohol person but its sort of liek a last chance to hang out with them as everyone will be bz later ma

Charmain - nop..i'm there as a talent too..but Im the useless talent..LOL..i'm the double for main character

Snoopy - u enjoy ur weekend?

Phoebe Tay said...

haha girls short only guys like ;p

vOon said...

Phoebe - haha..nola..just tat we got more choices :p

Phoebe Tay said...

haha true (: