Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Malacca half day trip

Its Malacca~~

No worries, I am not lying that I am going to post about Kapalai, but I am going with sequence and Malacca is the location come first before Kapalai :p haha..anyway its just a short post ya

So here we are at Malacca..and yes its for shooting..we departed from KL around 2pm and took us around 2 hours to reach there~

I will never get bored to go Malacca, cause I just love the buildings and the foods (although Penang food is better :p)

Here we are~

Ok, I didnt meant to capture them

Ice Kacang! but actually I dont eat Ice Kacang wan. Trying to try something new but...FAILED! I cant finish half of the bowl

with the pretty gals Luxanne and Chuckei


this is where we get our make up and outfit done

Jonker Street...

is it always this pack?

outfit of that day..NICE!

with very de chuckei again

The shooting that day was very relaxing. We just shoot for like 2 hours and everything is done at malacca. Before I leave, I decided to try this out cause I've already so tempted when I passby the stall...

They call it tornado chips! its made by potato and just add the spices you wan, you can even have 2 flavors of your choice

I missed this! I heard my friend said its selling here in KL too...WHERE?!?? Can anyone tell me please!!

Ok! Im done for my malacca post, next I CONFIRM...I going to blog about Kapalai k :D so stay tune my lovelies~~


Your Humble Servant said...

The last pictures can be easily mistaken as being in china instead of in malacca :P

vOon said... need china la
alot of places in Malaysia osog got la :p

cutebun said...

So nice!!! I wanna go Melaka! You still look pretty lei.. not old at all

vOon said...

cutebun - yea u shud one day..with frens shud be nicer~~ hehe...
haha..thanks for the compliment :p