Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My mixie matchy style

This is my first time doing a fashion post. Quite 'gan jiong' dont know what should I write. Hehe

Well at first I didnt think to post about it cause I think everyone have their own dressing style, and I thought I might not be that geng that give people some tips. But quite often I get compliments from colleagues (most) and friends on my fashion/ mix n match style. Hm...I started to wonder, am I really so? Maybe I used to work in lots of boutique and watch alot of fashion tv show : D.

So I have this idea, why not I share my tips and what I know to my readers?! Well guys might think oh no all the fashion posts are definitely for girls. But can read and maybe take not, next time when your gf/wife ask for your opinion and you might be helpful for them, they surely will love you more! :p

Well I said I am not a professional, just would love to share my tips on how I dress, and look slimmer! to my lovelies~ hope that matter in what way :)

Starting from Monday...

People always think about Monday you get that every Monday? Well most of the time I do, so usually I will wear black and white as the metaphor of my Monday's Blue...But this Monday I feeling good~actually planned what to wear already a day before

Oh...FYI...Most of my brands have no brands : D...they are either very cheap or what I mentioned in one of my post that we dont necessarily have to spend a lot of money to dress nice !

So I wore brown and white, instead of black and white~ somehow I dont feel my Monday's Blue leh~~

One Piece - Xception (Melbourne)
Belt - Hong Kong
Handbag - from Chow Yang Pasar Malam
Shoes - Vincci
Sunglass - Armani

Tips :
1. If you are wearing this to work, please better wear a short pants inside. You would not want some female
    colleagues to hate you for wearing too sexy rite.
2. Doesn't really suggest this outfit for girls with bigger boobs, especially with that tight and big belt. Try
    something smaller and make it looser...if not the portion of your body will be quite unbalance unless you
    have drop dead body curves like 36,24,36..haha
3. Girls with no boobs but with big butt like me...I would say this is the kind of outfit we should go for. The
    belt gives you the curve. With the A line cutting would actually make people felt that you're not having a
    big butt but it's the style of the dress.

Tuesday! Actually I no rasa on about you?

When I have no rasa, then most of my things will be exactly the same color or most of the things I wear will be the same color category...(actually I always do -.- )

Top - Cotton On
Skirt - Cotton On (Yes I love Cotton On)
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Vincci (most of my shoes are from Vincci)
Watch - DKNY
Bracelet - Thomas Sabo
*Watch and bracelet its my every day's accecories...

1. Cause my body is too small, which doesnt look balance with my big butt, I will wear something with some
    design around my shoulders to make it look slightly bigger, so it looks more balance with my lower body.
    So that mean this top is not suitable for girls with big or thick shoulders.
2. The belt its just something I would add on to make it looks not that plain and too simple.
3. Skirt...Big Butt gals...remember..A line skirt its always the best for us!

That's all for Monday and Tuesday outfit tips.

Stay tune if you wanna know more~~


Angeline said...

of course u should share!!!
Cause u always in style ~

♥ Caroline Chiang said...

nice~~cant wait for the next post~~=)

vOon said...

Angeline - haha, dear u are more in style! I love the way u dress~

Caroline - wow thanks!! I have more motivation to share the tips!!