Sunday, March 15, 2009

media nite at amp square - onefm event

I should have post this earlier if I know actually there are not much related pics that can post here...pai i introduce u ya this amp square karaoke

media nite is one of the event of OneFM, so we get to gather in the very big room which can have 100ppl above to be in the K room. (after the event la)

really damn big u know, and very very very nice loh..u got see any k room got 2, or I should said 1 and a half story wan? and also snooker table?hahaha...damn cool rite..dun wanna write so much tell everything :p

where they have the buffet dinner...even got sushi yo!

big? this is just half the room :p

thought this is outside or the reception there? no..this is another half of the room

but I dont like the dunno wat u call...those lights...which mostly every club will have...guess trance lovers will like it..haha

see...the green lite appeared in every single pic...ON OUR FACE

1 more 1 more...damn funny wan

hahaha!! u know to take this pic is like one in a million chance.. so bad lah me :p

with Hui Ee(programming manager)..yup...she is so nice to every1 and no barrier wan

view from 2nd to 1st floor

view of the 2nd floor...then tat time when u singing u really can say "shiong bin geh pang yao...10q 10q"..hahahaha T_T

the stairs to 2nd floor

the snooker table!!!

the toilet is a must go place...for me la..cause once u see the toilet...u know hows the environment over all of the place..dun u think so?

with Kiyoko

so cuteeee

y cant I take this pic clearly? cause they all sang till so high...they are jumping around..haha

this video is just 50% of how high they were..haha

then we get to have another room to sing :p

I like this pic...cause I look like a guy? hahaha

my fren sure kill me if she know I put up these video :p hahaha


yann said...

wow... nice place.. when are we going to have mini concert there... and let us present miss voon up on sofa~ *wink*

vOon said...

haha...I hope so man..but its like...6k for this room?hahahahaha...we wait for u to belanja ya :p