Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sincerity is important - so is Jane Sum Jane Yi

damn...I dont know how shoud I title the title (which I very mind), yup..pai seh la..is OneFM event again..haha...wat to do..I guess I'm a hardcore fan of my working radio station :p
Ok...back to the title..if you been a hardcore fan of OneFM as well..then u will know what event I am going to talk about, if u dunno...I'm letting u know now..hehe

Jane sam Jane Yi is something like speed dating. Well, we have an announcer named Jane (6am-10am morning kaki) have this contest, guys just send in their pics n profile...ppl involved will choose 10 contestants out, then the contest was held last week, at Sg.Wang.

Let's me intro u this 9 guys 1 by 1 ya...I think once u see the pic u also know who will be the one who won this contest.

She's Jane...pretty kan

this is our new hand sign...not acting cute but to mean OneFM

we took few pics behind the stage :p

at first..this is the crowd...can I consider this as crowd? haha

ok la..this is another angle...which also not that many ppl...yet

Jeff...her partner...the MC for the day

the judges, her frens

No. 1

He sang a song, which is not that bad

No. 2

this really call crowd la..haha

he's 23 yrs old...but he sounds n look younger than tat

No. 3

damn 'yeng' rite this pic...got nice lighting, he so confident man...salute

see..he so confident while he's singing

No.4...he at 1st weird weird wan loh..

I think Jane really likes him...

see..she gave him full marks wei

No.5...this guys really not bad also loh...1dt runner up :p

no.6....accountant woh

give flowers somemore...woot

no.6...this guy is the weirdest guy among all...cause his performace is read poem T_T


ya...this guy is not outstanding..but his singing is definiately the most outstanding

no.9...this guy also very weird..but I guess he's just too shy n too 'gan jiong'

after 6 yrs...he danced again

give rose again..haha

actually really can see who's the winner d loh

expected rite...I even prepare the angle on them d :p

but actually they quite match la

1k ah...so nice

hai...where can compare..not at the same level somemore loh..haha

after take this pic...makan makan then all ciao d loo..except me n lil Jun went for shopping..gotta give credit to my guy colleague la..cause he been there also...altot not with us la..but I knew its not easy at all la for a guy...haha

hai...still waiting for picssssssss ahhhhh...hope to get it soon loo..media nite, my birthday part 2, wat else ah..really cant remember :p till next post

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