Wednesday, March 04, 2009

feeling bad + Marley and me

Ok, seriously I feel damn bad now. Maybe for u guys is nothing la, but I just don’t like to break promise. Well, its not really a promise too…but I just feel damn bad la!

If u read my previous post about the Bangkok trip, I said I will post up the pics rite…then end up I didn’t post up any pics cause as I said the folders is not with me at that moment, then yesterday nite I got home so late so I just sleep straight away. THEN now I am in office only I realize…I forgot to bring my harkdisk with me!!!!! Sienzzz T_T tats my baby la..its even important than my hp
So…I will just do anything u know? Or maybe I sounds too kua jiong? Hahahaha…What I trying to mean is, cause I really feel bad that I didn’t do what I have said, so u guys can just ask me post any thing or any pics up (IF I GOT LA), but no 18 n above those kinda things..haha..if no respond more than 1 week than we just forget it ok :p hahaha..not that I not sincere…I AM REALLY SINCERE WAN…but I know and u know that my blog doesn’t have like more than 5 ppl respond wan, so takkan I ask so many ppl to respond rite…or maybe one oso don’t have..haha…so this is how the things should go loh :p

Then now, I cant do anything also, cause as I said, my baby is not with me…everything is there…but I know what I can do now instead of taking pics from my hard disk :p

I wanna write about ‘Marley & me’ this movie. I went for the premier, IT’S A DAMN NICE MOVIE CAN!

I cried half of the movie, and laugh half of the movie. I knew I will cried till I cant control that kind of situation wan. Usually I will control but not movies with dogs, kids and elders. But really damn hard to control u know, next time got this kind of movie I might as well just buy DVD back home watch then cry gao gao.

Why izit nice, well…firstly, this is a movie after so long, I didn’t care about the time. I know the duration is 2 hours 3 minutes, but until I realize I should notice what time izit d, its already 10.30pm..mean before that I watch tat movie till sot liao, cant care bout other stuff..haha
2ndly…er…I don’t wanna tell the ending, that will spoil ur mood if u wanna watch that movie rite. But I just can say, I don’t really expect that kind of ending loh…the beginning of the movie make me felt that the ending shouldn’t end like that…ohya...whenever there are dogs appear rite, I can hear 'awww~~~'...haha..damn funny..really cant control wan loh those feelings and those sounds :p

I don’t wanna talk too much about it…gals..just prepare ur tissue…yesterday I think 97% of the ladies in the cinema cried…some of the guys pretend to cough but I think they just trying to cover that they are crying..hahahaha…seriously la…just prepare tissues…especially those dog lovers or owned a dog wan…

Hopefully tonight I get to have time to post up those Bangkok pics :p till then


乌鸦 said...

omg i wan to watch!

vOon said...

u shud!!! haha...u love dogs as well ah? but u so sentimental kan..sure cry wan I tell u :p