Monday, March 02, 2009


Hm…seems like getting less things to write hor…hahaha…of course not la, but just that I cant be that free to update my blog d ler (trying trying), Although I still have lots of post I still can post, but also I don’t have much post can post…Ok…I know it sounds weird…well..I still got a post about lion dance came to our company wan loh..still thinking whether I should still post anot…

Still…there are more coming events to post about my company…

For this time leh…I gonna make u guys jealous abit la..haahha…no la…only if those who like Rynn :p Haha..just kidding la…I just happened to take pics with him cause artists came for the concert which held on 14th Feb, ya…this post suppose to post quite long time ago but I didn’t have those pics with me…I only get it recently so I decide to post today lo.
Happening as usual, we all gotta wear the concert’s t-shirt…so cute actually ..cause they have it in pink and yellow..So the guys wore yellow and gals wore pink…omg..I hope every day they give us t-shirt..then which day should wear what uniform, so I don’t need to think what to wear liao (which actually spend more of my time than my make up :p)

so hard sell kan...I know..haha

That day Ong Tee Keat came too, for the launching. Well, I don’t wanna talk too much about it la…sounds sien wan..haha…so we gotta get down there around 3, after been as a listener, we get to makan (which we did not la, cause seems not that good loh) then rite!!! While we sitting with those ppl who eating, Rynn passby!!! He so handsome loh, he wave to us somemore!! frenly…then I became so excited dunno why…then those announcers ask me…u very like him wan meh, I ah…but don’t know why just excited loh..hahaha. Before him we saw Kay (Super start Season3) also, very pretty…with a thick make up on la…but also damn skinny loh…very obvious she’s a to us

lovely n cute colleagues

see n yellow :p

balloons also in pink and yellow

So we fast fast went to the recording room…trying to take pic with Rynn…hehe…luckly him and his manager also very good…let us take pic with him..after wandering around…we went back up to work..well..WE CARE wan loh, we didn’t ‘tan pok’ ok, we still will feel guilty that we might been taking quite some time down there at the studio…

look so scary with so many ppl taking pics..but feel like super star also..haha

pics while waiting the chance to take pic with Rynn

in the studio

yeaaaaa...Rynn! so cute la him

Next post…might be a post of the media nite…Karaoke room so damn big! Haha…give u guys suspect suspect 1st..oh..yahor…maybe also gotta wait till they give me some other pics 1st..or I gotta make it to 2 parts again ah…hm…

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