Friday, March 20, 2009

我小小的世界 my small little world

悠悠闲闲的一个早上,吃着curry puff,加上一包包装的冷咖啡,靠在懒椅上,突然觉得很温暖。

I have this morning leisurely, eating curry puff, with the iced coffee. Lying on my chair, suddenly I feel so cozy.

听着苏打绿的小情歌,跟着它的旋律在小小世界里摆动,脸上有了小小的微笑,再吃着四毛钱的curry puff,好好吃!再喝那好好喝的冷咖啡,原来。。。这就是幸福。我。。。微笑了。J

Listening to Soda Green’s ‘xiao qing ge’ , swinging with the rhythm in my little small world, I slightly smile. Eating a delicious 40 cent’s curry puff, with the iced coffee, This is, happiness. I…smile :)


乌鸦 said...

take care


vOon said...

u'r so nice :)

nzbB said...

Wish u always hav tht wee little smile...from ur heart~ = ) B HAPI~

vOon said...