Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bangkok trip - Day 3

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Today, we went to the very big and grand temple – Grand Palace. Yet we kena ‘kuan’(tipu) again.
Supposingly we can go there yesterday, but someone told us that it is closed because of some reason.

outside grand palace...really damn big cause we took quite long to reached another place

Oopssy...wanna eat too?

Today also a day that considered wasted day, cause 2 of our fren were lost. CAN U IMAGINE how nervous we are. We totally have no idea where to search but only along the road. Cause we said we will be going to Grand Palace. then Platinium.
Our guy fren said, they are adult d, so no need to be sooooo worry, and damn he even took the pic of us while we were worrying. But we all also know that Bangkok get to happened some case that is not so nice to know and hear la, so of course we will be worry for them. BUT he was right, we were so gan jiong, end up they get to shop while we were searching for them.
Yala I know, I am not trying to compare who search for who more, who putting more efforts, but I just very dulan for this time. Its not because I didn’t get to shop but they did. In my whole life I never show or release my anger to my frens but not this time, maybe not to ML la. She’s the closest to me, so I guess she can see that I am angry on my face also.

Maybe I really shouldn’t be angry.
After our dinner and stuff, we went back to hotel and rest cause its been a long day walking and searching around. Me and ML were sharing one room. So she asked me and I angry or what, she curious.

This is how’s our conversation (imagine with my usual dulan face), hahahaha

ML: are u angry of us ah?
Me: what do u think?
ML: I think u are. But I not sure. Cause u r not angry with notty (another gal that was lost with her). U seems to still have a smile and still will talk to her but not me.

Ok, this part were quite P&C. The whole thing is just like she explained what has happened, which I am more dulan la (I can swear to God u guys will be dulan too if u know what have been said). But I not trying to blame or wat, I am quite angry and so I told her why u just follow what she said, u are an adult as well, u shud have ur own perception sometimes but not always follows what others said., u are an adult as well, u shud have ur own perception sometimes but not always follows what others said.
OK…after that time, I swear to myself, I think I seriously wont tell my frens that I am angry anymore. She cried. She explained to me, it is not because of me she cried, she cried is because of herself. Many times people told her to have own perception, even her boss n her mom ngam her why she don’t have her own perception or too follow what someone’s says. But yet, I still felt tat it’s my fault somehow, the feeling its not nice at all while u see ur close fren crying. I cannot tahan wan, once someone is crying especially that I understand the situation also, I very hard to control my tears by not falling down from my eyes. how hard it is, while u r angry of ur frens cause u care, then when they cry u gotta concern but yet u need to control ur tears OMG…I might as well be someone that are cold blooded or no feeling at all.

went for manicure as we already planned for that

K la, don’t want to mention wat has happened d. Things are solved quickly between us and we gotta go out, so ML cham la, from the video I post I think u can see her eyes are still red, haha.

some funny videos...funny for us la...haha

P.S I know I am ma farn T_T hahaha

So a gentle reminder for u guys la, better stay close with ur frens while u guys are not familiar with the place. The feeling really not good at all wan loh.

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