Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bangkok trip day 2

After a good rest, for our very nice tour guide..she recovered! Yay! Now the journey only starts.

Oh, pai seh, forgot to tell that the place we stayed was Samran hotel. Wanna know more information about it can go here. So we had our breakfast there, everything were nice, none of the food were not nice I wonder why. I mean, such a normal place, such some normal dishes…but..just nice.

see...even the uncle also wanna eat...haha

After our breakfast, we walked to the nearest station (which is really not too far away la) called Ratchathewi. We took the MRT and of course, took some pics in the MRT. Very fast. We reached d(time flies while u have things to do :p ).

Then here comes the scary part. We gonna take the boat to the temple we wanna go – Wat Poh. Well, cause I have motion sickness, to take a boat really a hard thing for me, plus it is quite crowded. Luckily the distance were not too long, I get to reached those places ‘safely’.

So our first destination was Wat Poh. Wat Poh is a place that they used ‘recycle’ plates, bowls to build the temple. 

Then we walked walked, suddenly something attracted us (THE GALS). THAI UNIFORM! Hahaha, why not rite, 1 gang go overseas together, of course must take some ‘special’ pics for memory. And here are our memories.

Ohya, if u r such a shyyyyyy person, maybe u gotta think twice to take tat photo. We happened to change into the thai uniform ‘openly’. HELLO! Free show omg…hahahaha..u know how scary those promoters. They just drag us (after we chose our uniform), took off our clothes, put on the uniform, took away our clothes that WE ARE WEARING. Is like half of the boobs also kena show to the public, ahahahaha. BUT, luckily (I dunno can consider luckily anot la) one side of the place is facing the public (which is not the lucky wan) another side is the river, so…ok la. Only if someone had a damn good pair of eyes or they have binoculars, then shit loh. But it was damn funny la during tat time, cause its like u wanna get angry and scold the promoter, but actually they are just ‘yit qing’ to help u, so u will felt that they are just so innocent and cute, even if u r angry also wanna laff only.

FYI, if any of u happen to go this place rite, LOOK FOR OUR PICTURES. We are their ‘sang jiu pai’ now. Yann’s fren happened to saw our pic there. TAKE A PIC AND SEND TO ME PLS! haha.

After that we went to this place called ‘Chatuchak’. It is like a pasar with total of around 15k stalls there. But actually a lot of the stalls sell the same thing or similar stuff. What I heard from my fren was that the deeper u went into the pasar, the cheaper stuff u can get. So u guys can give it a try (which I think u might get lost if u r NEW). Also, recommend the stalls around there. Once u r out from the MRT station, u will saw some food stalls. Go to this, the foods were so nice and we were hungry, so only remember to take some pics after we finished the food, haha. ORDER THE TOM YAM. But tom yam is nice every where in Bangkok, at least so far I didn’t get to drink any not nice tom yam while I was there.

At night, we went to this Coco walk ‘restaurant’. It’s something like bbq steamboat buffet. RM10 still got baki loh. ALL U CAN EAT. They have lots of variety somemore. Sauces also got like at least 6 of it d. But damn hot la, we all sweat like a pig while eating, haha.

Here come the very interesting part. We went back to hotel and refresh ourselves with showers and get change. We came out, then we went to the sex club. Takkan u go Thailand u don’t watch rite, it was my first time also, more pai seh can, cause we got 4 gals and 1 guy, haha.

OK…this is a very important message for u guys. I don’t know about other ping pong show or whatsoever they name it. As long u know u r going to watch this kind of thing, remember, DON’T LET THEM CHEAT. WE DID. Damn it. We were so dulan. Cause at first that person said, oh, u just gotta pay entrance fees like around RM10-20 per person? Ok loh. Then end up, while we just sat down, we happened to have 1-2 gals beside us, help us massage, talk to us…OMGGGGGG…I can tell u is the disgusting things I ever happen to met. Those gals are like AUNTIESSS!!! IN BIKINIS!!! Then they help u massage with THEIR HANDS…can u imagine, what have they touch before they touch us (just think what sort of thing they perform on the stage)….yeewwwwww!! those aunties will keep on force u to buy cola from her cause 1 cup I think cost like RM25 ah? Ci xin…then our ‘man’ (the only guy la) try to talk with the manager, this is how the conversation like

Guy: “We are not going to pay for the coke cause we did not order, they just take it here. We did not want it.”

This is what our fren told me, he lazy to told us the whole story, he just said he resist to pay, the at last the manager say

Manager: ‘ If u resist to pay, I wont know what will happen later” (sort of thing la)

Excuse me, they threatening us loh! So damn jin gak. What can we do…PAY LA. We pay of course we wanna make use of the money wat, so we gotta enjoy the show.hahaha. Then we saw another bunch of people came in, its like almost 20 of them, youngster. We were thinking…die d, they sure kena cheat also. Indeed, we were right, once they know they kena cheat d, they just left straight away. We wanted to tell them, but just think back how the manager threaten us, if we happened to tell them, I think we cant get out from that place loh. But somehow we make fun of the whole situation la, this is how we make use of the money ma rite. Hahaha.

Then while we were on the way back, me and Yann the big eater got hungry. So we just went to the stall nearby to drink their tom yam. Yummy, it was soooo nice although its quite spicy la. But once u try u never regret.

Wow, damn long la this post. K la, will continue day 3 for next time.

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