Friday, March 27, 2009

looking good and bad

wow...its been awhile I write a proper commercialize blogpost...hahahaha

recently more interested to write those previous posts kinda thing...more like now maybe wanna change change abit again just in case some ppl here get sien d..hahahaha

me and my colleagues went to play badminton on the sunday...I didnt join them cause I still having backache at tat time...then after that 2 boring hours...we went nearby to makan our lunch...YONG TAU FOO! they said tat place very famous wan woh, its in Puchong wan..guess alot of u know where gua...

too bad, cause we all quite leh feh...I mean..duhh...what do u wear to play badminton, sports wear course we wore very casual+sporty to makan as well...but guess what...we wore that way BOX karaoke! hahahahahaha

Actually we all felt kinda awkward also cause they said they are smelly after playing badminton wat..haha...but we all didnt care...I think there's 7 of us, masuk like this loh...but...ok la...we mmg freestyle wan..haha...and we had fun!

I love the room at first before they asked us to change to another big and got 3 screens somemore

1..on the right

2...on the left

then the 3rd...infront of us :p

Mr. Connie so 'zi luen' :p


Justine so cute also..hahaaha

We've seen the leh feh part, lets have some pretty 'clean' pics...hehe...remember I mention the restaurant, GARDEN? which alot of ppl said it somehow look similiar with FULL HOUSE which is in NZX? or didnt I? anyway...yea..

that day I shopping with Kiyoko, but end up didnt buy anything :p good or bad ah? hm...but damn funny...when we reached Garden, I saw Yann was there as well with her bf, so we decided to makan together ler...

at last we get to take the pic having the piano as background

this sorbet is soooo nice! n cute..hehe

white of my dream nice..dont know when will have the chance to play white piano with the white flowers :p

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