Thursday, March 05, 2009

a year old

today is his big day! who little boy fren...BRANDON...hehe...wanna recap here sis celebrate his birthday today...which is his birthday nice loh..I never have this kind of birthday birthday this year not bad at all..if I dont say so then later kena scold :p

We celebrated at Cinta Ria...the laksa damn nice of topic d..but actually nothing much to talk about...but Brandon today shy shy...alot of ppl wanna carry him he also dont wan, only want to stick to his parents, his both grandma, n both of his aunties..hahaha..but weird..last time he not like tat wan..last time whoever also can carry him..he will let u he will cry...

lets see pics then..shall we :)

see...he shy shy

law side family pics

so cute la him

the cake so nice rite! especially the name...haha

the only pic I get to take with the birthday boy

Happy Birthday Bran Bran boy :p

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