Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

I'm watching Michael Jackson now...I mean TV...and my nephew who are 1 year old plus is watching Barney...I got the feeling, are they gonna know who is MJ in the future? Of course they know, but do they really know him as how we know MJ?

MJ is just like our childhood...we grow up with him...his songs, his moves, his everything anyway...
who dont talk about MJ now? I dont think so... not to say follow the trend or watsoever, as usual when someone passaway people will like give a tribute of their death so they will listen to their songs but I bet alot of ppl dont feel the same this we describe Michael Jackson? The legend? King of Pop? watever that we can describe him like the God.

Well which of his songs are not popular? all are classic...all are so remembrance by us...we all remember every single words, even better than our childhood songs...he is just borned to be a star...the superstar..the legend

nothing much to say...just wanna write something about him - Michael Jackson, which will never ever be forgotten by us

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