Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Angel

ok la..its not mine I know...but can see from peoples' eyes that when I carrying him, they thought my nephew is my son...wuahahaha

well...since mostly..or every will post about post about nuffnang stand out post wont be interesting nor outstanding or full with interesting pics like I might as well post it after I get all the pics 1st, wait till nothing to post then only I post :p

So on that day, we went to Full House. No need I intro where and how does it look like d, alot of bloggers had post about it. plus that day didnt take much pics also cause recently doesnt really have those mood. just took alot of pics of my little angle :p

his hands are itchy...wanna get something to play

so his mummy gave him the menu...well..his favorite is a 'book' long he can fold over...see his tongue

cant wait to finish...keep on fold over

 fast finish d tim

so he started to cry, he wanna get out of the chair... come d...1st time here...the food are not bad at all

I love this pic..altot his face abit bit blur

this oso...if he didnt move...cutenyaaaa *syok sendiri* T_T

grandma with grandson with minnie mouse

sorry but again....soooo cuteeeee

this wan damn funny..he's eating the 'thumb'

omg...I am so mother like here XP

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