Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oh yea it is pointless

I really hate to blog while I HAVE TO blog

well...if u've been a loyal reader or u'r my fren...or even net frens...U will know that I'm quite an emo person...and I very depends on feel...but I know if I dont write blog tat often...I will become very lazy to write...and I promise myself that I need to write blog often, to give myself this discipline on this..at least ONE

Actually I got few posts want to post ler...like nuffnang standout post, then my life in the studio post etc...but I havent get pics from my frens yet T_T

I also not dare to ask u guys to stay tune d..haha...guess I should do a post of me from being an aunty to a 18 yrs old gal (pok pok cui) ngek ngek ngek *evil smile*

ok..this post is wasting ur time I know...so I shall stop here and not continue wasting your time d....STOP!

till then :p

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