Sunday, June 28, 2009

gals nite in Pick N' Brew

woo...its like I get to have free meal every week :p

last time was Yishensu..remember? and this time was at Pick N' Brew

I was once told that this restaurant's food not that nice and expensive..but cause Kiyoko very close with the boss in there, so she wanted to bring us (me and Kidd) makan there, but she no discount wan la.

Oh, Kiyoko wanna thank us for helping her on her website thingy so this is belanja by her wan..thanks KIYOKO!!! usual, I dont remember those food names T_T cause its too long. OK! I promise if next time I really go makan and wanna take pics of those food...I will first write down the name of the food 1st, so that u guys can taste those wonderful delicious fooddsss...(ok I know I am not a good blogger :( )

so these are the pics

Kidd and Kiyoko

Kiyoko n Me

me and Kidd

Kiyoko's dish - Spaghetti

Kidd's dish - Lamb chop

my dish - Lagsane...really damn nice!! I finished the whole thing :p

ok...serious wan, next time I surely will write down the name of those dish (if I remember) wuahahaah :p


dreamydolls said...

wow.. lc la now.. everyweek got free meal wor..

vOon said... la...just that 2 weeks dun have d..better dun have loh coz if I continue eat like tat will be damn when its ur turn ah :p