Wednesday, June 24, 2009

another piece of me...

As a copywriter, the place that I always have to be in…is the studio. Always have no chance to take pics, I mean others help me take…haha…so this time I will share the pics by having yen and her bf –wei feng here to help me be the VO.

Seriously, my office lack of males laaa…I should say males that can read Chinese…so if any of you can read Chinese and don’t mind to do free VO, come look for me..hahahaha

Back to that day, I asked wf to vo for a character of father. That day I abit surprise but guess he is too shy to do it cause usually when he talk only its like acting d. but 1 thing I am sure is that its because of his shyness that caused him ‘sat sui zun’

Lets see see the pics first…

While waiting outside....


then we went in the studio, while waiting the sound engineer fixing his thing, we camwhore awhile

posing for fun

I also posing for fun, but I did before yo :p

Now u see me...

now u dont :p

 la...cause he shy

the actual recording..I mean pre recording while the client is not here yet..ohyea..that gal is poh chee - my favorite and only talent to use :p

Wonder how long more I can work XD

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