Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Peaceful Father's Day



一个顾家的好男人,疼老婆有疼孩子,自己省吃省永,把全部都留给我们(除了电视机的遥控器): p
















Its father’s day again, but father’s day never seems to take over mother’s day.

I’m not sure for others, but father for me may even be more important than mother.

A man that take care of his family, love his wife and children.

He gives the best to us but not for himself (except TV remote control) :p

Doesn’t smoke,doesn’t drink,doesn’t visits prostitute

Not only can cook well but help out on houseworks.

That’s why I always tell myself that I wanted a future husband like my dad.

Hehe, oki…enough of promoting my dad since I’m not getting a new wife for him also.

My dad memang anti social wan, so yesterday he want us to celebrate father’s day with him while there will not be so many family celebrating yet. The cute thing about him is we already kinda celebrate for him last week. But its ok la, this time all family member attened, even have extra someone (bro’s gf)

Is it a good thing? We become more far to each other? Or we all have grown up

I remember everytime we out for lunch or dinner for sure will have a fight. Although it’s a serious fight, but we hardly keep it until the next day, maybe just beh song each other during the meal

But am I thinking too much, or I still have the anger?

Yesterday I felt so weird, it’s a peaceful dinner rather than a father’s day celebration.

Hm, how should I start? Cause we all fight over the piano through sms. Although it’s a small fight but it’s a serious fight, that’s why I feel something la.

But none of us mention about this, maybe that two mengaku salah in their heart d la. So forget it loh

Kor and jie are better than usual, and she pretend that she didn’t argue with me through sms, talk to me just like usual, and I just cin cai la.

I talk quite a lot in my family, but that night I did not.

But I feel peaceful and happy, the weird weird happiness.

celebrated at Esquire Kitchen

fav of the meal, I dont know what it call (as usual), just know its 'suan la tang'

with mummy

with daddy, the 'zu gok'

with family :)

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