Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm a meat eater - Yishensu

omgg!! I just kena guessed of the age of 25 T_T by an new intern...1st time ever in my life people guess I am older than my actual age (sau very big da gik) wanna die d...noooooooo

hm..,must be because I dont like to eat vegetables, I'm a meat eater...I heard people said eat vege somehow can improve our skin, no wonder I look old from what I can tell here...we should eat more vege in our life. I know this doesnt sound convincing at all being said by a meat eater..yea, I can convince myself also, only after I tried Yishensu.

This is not an advertorial post of course, obviously as a smart reader like u shud know that my blog is not tat geng yet. I get to eat Yishensu this time is because they are one of our client, so to thank us with helping him out for the whole production of his commercial, he belanja us...souuuuuu~~ nice! and I am glad so...because

I will gotta named the dish myself 1st cause we didnt even get to see the menu since its free :p

I think they named this 'lang pun' - cold plate (straight translation)

Do you know how~~ nice izit??? they have fried shrimp, 'pai guat' (pork), chicken, some vege and mayonese...the amazing part its all are made by using vege...even the mayonese...I really wonder how cause they just taste as nice as those real wan..especialy the fried shrimp

we were so hungry, some even want to eat the pineapple :p

while waiting for the 2nd dish (which took soooo long), we decided to cam-whore with someone's can you guess who's spec is that?

1. bo zi - look like jiu choi mao :p

2. Michael - bin tai sat sau (mental killer)

3. the teacher (very fierce wan) :p

4. the ...tikus?

5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Khalil Fong!!

6. stupid ass doin stupid ass's pose

6. the most normal wan...wuaahahaha

then Justine asked me to act long time didnt act cute d...

I can said take pics to past time its really a good choice...cause here come the 2nd dish :0

can guess what izit? my fren said take so near may look like shit...hahaahhaha

its sharke-fin ! fake punya la..haha..but still it look like those real wan!

yummy yummy

3rd dish...I dunno how to name this thou, cause I can say its the least I like


this is the BEST EVER vege I have eaten so far...everyones' favorite of the night!

they have man tao, char siew and gu lou yok (pork) , all are made by vege...I know I am repeating the same thing but its really unbelievable these will be soooouuuuu~~ delicious

4th dish - Sotong with so called satay sauce!!

taste like sotong, feel like sotong..omg!! I'm in heaven

Last but not least, we have pineapple rice!! yay...I love rice...but I prefer white rice :p

 did you guess it right that the spec is belong to who?


its herrr!! wuahaha

I did try to find out the dishes names and ingredients from their website but they didnt provide tat T_T so if any of you guys really wanna try out there and wanna get the name, maybe you can ask the info from me, I try to ask for you :p but I guess u can notice that from their menu la :p

have fun makan!! its weekend ~~~ woo hoooooo~~~

*no more voice d cause lack of sleep T_T *


~YM~ said...

but u do look like ur 24-25, the mature look... :P
whats ur age then? dun tell me ur 15? -.-"

vOon said...

serious shit ah...hahhahaha
then from today on I gotta accept this d..
no la...not 15..but 19