Tuesday, January 13, 2009

recap of him

see...I even do a recap of him and that shows how much I sayang him d..I didnt even do one for myself..hahaha...well well..will do my own one for soon...see how I am getting fatter and fatter T_T

kesian..everyweek only can see him once..soooooo miss him...I remember once he came here just like less than 15 minutes? then gotta go d...he so mm seh tak and then he cried...cried till so kesian..I also heart pain...but wat to do..the mummy wanna bring him back home sleep d

so fast...almost a year d (2 more months to go) then my little nephew Brandon will be 1 year old...so long time didnt get to use 'year' rather than 'years'..haha..although I've been interating with him for...half year due do I was in Melbourne studying while he was just born, but I think now he more close with me than other family members of mine in my family..other than my mom and my sis la, haha.

now I realized there are toooooo many pics of him and I cant decide to choose which to put, u can see some posts about him here, here, here (with very very very cute video of him)..and tooooo much la..ask from me if u wan his pics...hahahaha

still..I'm gonna post his pics..pics tat u guys never see from those posts I have pasted..hehe

like cam-whore himself

eat 'feng tau yuen' d ah? hahahaha..CHOI

keep quite pls!

my favorite of the favorite!!

like ah pek only..haha

see...he's showing peace

eating telephone

thought this is the expression when he is crying? then u r wrong...wanna know why? see the video..u will never bliv it! hahahaa

to end this post...let little brandon wish u happy chinese new year first...gong xi fatt chai!!


乌鸦 said...

alright, haha! he's so so cute.

vOon said...

yeaaa..he's the cutest thing tat happen in my life...until I got my own kids..hahahahah